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Video - CAPTURE: Daily me time



I LOVE this layout and the colours you used! Thank you for sharing with us and for being so real. I loved hearing your thoughts and I look forward to more of your videos :)

You chose such pretty colors for your l/o. Great idea to make a l/o about things you love to do in "your time". And I liked both versions of the title - thanks for showing us how you moved things around. Maria

I think it is great that you showed us your whole process that you went through with this layout. It turned out so lovely and it's helpful to know that everyone else has those moments too! Thank you!!

I love your video and your page! Thank you for showing your struggles with the page and keeping it authentic. It really helps me know that it doesn't always go smoothly for professional scrappers! Tim Holtz says, "Embrace Imperfection." And I like to remind myself that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. I love your color combination on your page and your photography is beautiful. I also like your composition and I think your title came out beautifully.

I get to be the Lucky 13th commenter! I loved your video. I think in the end, we have to listen to our gut and only we can know what we like, what we think works, and when we're done. It was great to see that portrayed on your video.

I also loved watching your process. Your sweet gentleness spirit is very endearing. thank you for sharing and thank you for inspiring me!!!

Video - CAPTURE: Daily me time
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Garden Girl

Video - CAPTURE: Daily me time
by Justlulu
posted 02/27/14
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Hey guys!

I am really loving the theme for this month, and adding a few pages about me to my albums. I wanted to document all the little things I do in a day to take time just for me. It's so important to not lose ourselves, and sometimes all it takes for me is a cup or tea and a good book to remember who I am.

I had a hard time with the placement of my title on this page, I just could not get something that looked “right” to me. I could have fussed about for ages, but in the end I just threw up the white flag and let it be. I'm okay with that. I don't need everything to feel perfect, sometimes done is just as good by me :)

I used lots of bright happy colours and just played around with some fun embellishments. My favourite part is the heat embossed chipboard stars. I love them sitting off to the side, it's just a fun look.

I don't know about you, but I find myself unable to make a layout with a bit of flair. I'm so hopelessly addicted. ;)

Thanks for watching!!!
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