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Video - Make It Meaningful #12: Hello There



Your process looked so simple but yielded a beautiful page! Love your style!

I just love your layering and design sense.

How pretty with the polka dots and the scallops! I like the way you grouped everything in the center with the yellow block. The photo is adorable. Maria

Thanks for another great video, Jen! I have pictures of my kids and their cousins being goofy and having fun while I was trying to get "just one good picture". I need to scrap those because that really shows the relationship they have. Thanks for the reminder!

Video - Make It Meaningful #12: Hello There
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Garden Girl

Video - Make It Meaningful #12: Hello There
by JenGallacher
posted 03/28/14
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Have you ever taken a photo in which you happily captured the true emotions or relationship between siblings? You might not notice these photos when you first take them, but you discover them later when printing them. It might show a child making a face, or shrugging away from a sibling. It might show how annoyed they feel or how distracted they are. These are great photos for showing relationships.

In today's layout, the photo I used shows my daughter's happy face, but my son isn't quite as thrilled with the photo shoot. Watch the video below to see how you can capture more of these types of photos when taking pictures of your family.

In the products section, I suggest a few items you can try to recreate this layout.

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