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Posted 11/25/2012 by e_doe in NSBR Board


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Posted: 11/25/2012 9:30:29 PM
Ok, I mentioned this on another thread and someone finally bit (thanks, kelleylo).

So last year in the fall, boyfriend and I were driving to the Home Depot for what was surely the fifth or eighth or tenth time that weekend to pick up another 97-cent part for some ridiculous project on the godforsaken box I call a home.

We got peanut butter cups as a treat for ourselves, and as we were eating them and discussing how they are the absolute best treat in the world, he says "You know what would be better? Peanut.Butter.Boobs." I laughed and he went on to explain how "everyone" loves PB cups and everyone loves boobs...and he did go on. So later, I get the bright idea to see if they make boob-shaped candy molds...sure enough, they do! So I ordered several boob options and a few days later, I'm in the kitchen with a block of chocolate, a jumbo jar of peanut butter, and a couple of good friends who can keep a secret. We played around with the PB:butterugar ratio until we got it just right (both girls are also PB cup fans), then I melted the chocolate, lined the molds, stuffed with PB, and covered with more chocolate. After the chocolate hardened, we all sat down and gnawed on some boob and agreed they were amazing.

Waiting for it to be Christmas was the hardest part. The look on his face when he opened the box was priceless. I think he was torn between WTF and ZOMG!! - but he settled on the "these are delicious!" side, as he should.

He made those things last for WEEKS. Now that we're getting close to Christmas, he has brought them up a few times, so I guess I'll be busting out those molds again.
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Posted: 11/25/2012 9:54:05 PM
This is awesome.

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Posted: 11/25/2012 9:58:33 PM
OMG do you ship?!? LOL

I know someone who would LOVE this gift!


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Posted: 11/25/2012 10:24:16 PM

Even with the snark, trolls and spelling police you are a great group of ladies!

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Posted: 11/25/2012 10:26:34 PM
Two of my husbands faves. He'd love to see those under the tree!

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Posted: 11/25/2012 10:56:14 PM
LOL! My husband would be in heaven. Ha!

Time for you to open an etsy shop!

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Posted: 11/25/2012 10:59:33 PM
This thread is useless without pictures.

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Posted: 11/25/2012 10:59:52 PM
C'mon now...this thread is useless without pictures!!!

ETA: I *finally* got to say that!


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Posted: 11/25/2012 11:03:16 PM
Ok my hubby wants to see the boobs! Where are the pictures.

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Posted: 11/25/2012 11:07:46 PM
You could serve them with the Boobzie Cup.

Ironically, this evening I found this on Amazon when I was searching for the Bubba cup, a double walled container I had found @ Target.

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Posted: 11/25/2012 11:08:09 PM
That's great! I know several guys that would love that

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Posted: 11/25/2012 11:11:48 PM
HA! Awesome.

.. .. ..

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Posted: 11/26/2012 3:11:36 AM
Omg! it's like the perfect gift for my husband! He was just trying to buy those $10 jumbo Reese's at target too!

You must share your source for the best mold and recipe?? pretty please!?


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Posted: 11/26/2012 4:23:57 AM

You must share your source for the best mold and recipe?? pretty please!?

Yes, please share! My dh adores pb cups! And well, duh, boobs.


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Posted: 11/26/2012 7:06:44 AM

My dh adores pb cups

What size cup are they? *snicker*


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Posted: 11/26/2012 7:07:07 AM
Ladies, can I put a boob photo up here? I mean, they look real enough to be obscene.

I will look tonight for the mold source and write some instructions. We did talk seriously about opening an Etsy shop but my temperament is all wrong for being a store owner, plus I wanted to spend my free time crafting...if one of you Peas wants to take this idea and run with it, you have my blessing and encouragement!!

Any suggestions on where I can post pics to share is greatly welcomed! I was pretty pleased with that project and would love to show them off.
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Posted: 11/26/2012 7:13:49 AM

I'll be busting out those molds again

HA! "Bust"ing out the molds! very punny!

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Posted: 11/26/2012 7:39:58 AM
Okay- I thought this was about the peanut butter/Hershey Kiss cookies. We call them nipple cookies. We may have to change the name now because DS 11 may start to question the name.


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Posted: 11/26/2012 8:51:38 AM
Just FYI - if you are looking to get the texture just right with the PB, add some (very finely crushed) graham cracker crumbs to the PB & sugar. It works perfectly!


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