Where did you buy your Christmas tree skirt?

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Posted 11/26/2012 by ajsweetpea in NSBR Board

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Posted: 11/26/2012 10:24:51 AM
I need to get a Christmas tree skirt. Where did you get yours? I saw that Target is having some on sale today for $25... is that a good price? Seemed a bit high to me.

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Posted: 11/26/2012 10:39:06 AM
I got mine at a Hills Department Store about 28 years ago.

I got my stepmom one last year at Kmart. It was clearance priced and the colors fit her scheme perfectly.

$25 sounds about right, but I buy mine on clearance on 12/26 when the price is lower.

If it is the exact tree skirt that you want, you have to decide to pay that price now or wait it out until after Christmas.

I would write down the SKU number, just in case, sometimes, you can find it online after Christmas.

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Posted: 11/26/2012 10:41:31 AM
I can't remember if ours came from Walmart or Target but we paid about $25 for it.

This is Texas. We don't have regular seasons here. We have Summer 1, Summer 2, Summer 3 and January.

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Posted: 11/26/2012 10:44:46 AM
Bought mine at a local craft show. Have had it for years and it still looks like new.


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Posted: 11/26/2012 10:47:50 AM

I just bought one at Marshall's and I LOVE it. $20


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Posted: 11/26/2012 10:50:54 AM
I got mine at menards. It fit my scheme perfectly (peacock feathers) so I paid full price for it. I'm pretty sure I paid about $25



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Posted: 11/26/2012 11:04:11 AM
Every few years I go to Joann's and buy about 3 yards of some really pretty fabric...then I drape it all around the bottom of the tree. One year I had gold lamé, another year red and green plaid with a gold thread through it, other years other fabrics. The fabric is on sale this time of year and it looks really full and pretty under the tree. Then I can just fold it up and store it in the box. And I can change it if I change the decorations on the tree or my room decor.

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Posted: 11/26/2012 11:12:36 AM
Bought mine at a garage sale years ago.. homemade as well... I love love it.. and paid $3 for it. Tree skirts are flipping expensive from what I have seen. Makes me love mine even more.


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February 2004
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Posted: 11/26/2012 11:18:23 AM
I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.

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Posted: 11/26/2012 11:23:20 AM
Ours is from Pottery Barn and I really like it. We've had it since 2000 and it's still in excellent condition and super cute to boot. I recall that it was a bit on the expensive side, but this is our 12th year of using it and it shows every sign of lasting as long as we want it to, so I think it's a good value.

ETA: Another thing I like about it is that when we got it, it was just DH and me. We also got coordinating PB stockings. We've since had DS and have different pets (and yes, we have customized stockings for our pets LOL). Since PB uses the same color palette from year to year for holiday decor, we have been able to get other stockings as we've needed them that coordinate perfectly with what we already have. I didn't think about that when I bought them at first, but it turned out to be very handy.


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Posted: 11/26/2012 11:26:44 AM
My is from Pier1. Cannot recall the price but I'm sure it was around $25-30.


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August 2007
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Posted: 11/26/2012 11:30:44 AM
Just found one in Marshalls, $14.99.


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Posted: 11/26/2012 2:19:20 PM
We got ours at TJ Maxx for like $12. It's cutesy, I want a prettier one. I've seen some amazing ones on Pinterest you can make. Just have to work up the motivation.


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Posted: 11/26/2012 2:34:45 PM
Instead of a tree skirt I bought some fabric and wrapped it around the bottom. It looks so pretty and very cheap.

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Posted: 11/26/2012 2:37:25 PM
I bought mine at Kmart years ago. Fits my color scheme perfectly and it looks great. I think I paid about $20-25 for it.


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March 2009
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Posted: 11/26/2012 3:08:46 PM
There's a local craft show held every year that is known for the quality of the crafters. I came across a tree skirt that I loved and bought it there. Every year when I get it out, I'm glad I spend the $$ on it. I love it still and it must be about 10 years old now.

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March 2002
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Posted: 11/26/2012 5:40:52 PM
I got mine at a local craft fair; hand quilted and absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

I spent more than $25 on it but it will be an heirloom one day....

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Posted: 11/26/2012 5:45:10 PM
I bought mine on etsy--and paid more than $25 for it, but I love it, and it fits my tree and decor.


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Posted: 11/26/2012 5:58:25 PM
Hobby Lobby.

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Posted: 11/26/2012 6:00:09 PM
Hobby Lobby for the main tree and Target for the fun tree. I think I paid $40 at Hobby Lobby and $25 at Target.


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November 2002
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Posted: 11/26/2012 6:03:06 PM
I paid $40 for mine at Kirkland's 8 or 9 years ago. I love it. It's in great condition.

I see tons at Hobby Lobby and you can always use a coupon. But I can't speak to their quality.

Good luck finding one you love!

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November 2007
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Posted: 11/26/2012 7:39:59 PM
I think I got ours last year at Menards. Don't remember what I paid for it, but I looked at a LOT of tree skirts, online and in stores. Funny thing is, that I couldn't remember if I'd actually bought one; asked my husband the other day if we'd had a new one last year. Wen we brought up the boxes the other day I found it.

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Posted: 11/26/2012 7:41:12 PM
I bought mine at Disney. It's the Bohemian themed one.

I have a beautiful green and red velvet skirt that I've used for years. Decided to change it up this year so got a new one.

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Posted: 11/26/2012 7:43:10 PM
My tree skirt is a couple of yards of red plaid fabric left from a costume made years ago. I just spread it out around the tree and it looks really pretty; except when the gifts are under the tree you can't even see it!

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Posted: 11/26/2012 8:00:20 PM
Crate & Barrel for $100 three years ago and it's absolutely beautiful. White and silver, heavily beaded, soft and huge.

It was a splurge...


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January 2003
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Posted: 11/26/2012 8:55:54 PM
I don't have a skirt, just some gold cheap fabric laid around the base of the trunk. I figure what's the point, when there are gifts under the tree you can see it anyway. I only have an empty tree for about a week.

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Posted: 11/26/2012 9:07:02 PM
I bought one a Bombay Company years ago. It's gorgeous. I also have one from K-Mart by Martha Stewart. It's really nice, gold with beading. It was only about $25-30 but looks really expensive.


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Posted: 11/26/2012 10:15:51 PM
Got mine at TJ Maxx

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February 2004
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Posted: 11/26/2012 10:54:13 PM
Marshalls/Ross/TJ Maxx...one of those. I spent a couple years looking for one that fit my color sceme that I liked. I bought one from Crate and Barrel that once it came (I ordered it online) I didn't like it. There was one a couple years ago at Pottery Barn that I liked, but couldn't justify the cost. I paid under $25 for the one I finally bought.

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Posted: 11/26/2012 11:30:04 PM
Our tree skirt is actually a round tablecloth. I made a straight cut to the middle on one side. Didn't even finish those edges. It all gets covered up with presents. I think I bought the tablecloth at Walmart 20 years ago.



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January 2009
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Posted: 11/27/2012 6:05:49 AM
For many years, I used the skirt part of an emerald green bridesmaid dress. It worked really well.

For the past several years, I have used two woolen blankets that are red and green plaid. They have been in DH's family for years and have special meaning to him.


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April 2001
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Posted: 11/27/2012 6:49:30 AM
My favorite tree skirt came from Target several years ago. It was part of a vintagy light blue & cream line & I love pulling it out every year.


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January 2002
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Posted: 11/27/2012 7:09:29 AM
PB Kids for probably $60-70 I think 9 years ago. It is in perfect condition, had it monogramed and have matching stockings for all 4 of us with our names on them as well. I bought 4 stockings at the same time - we just had DH, myself and DD at the time but I anticipated, hopefully one more little one. Sure enough, Luke came along 2+ years later and I love that we have a matching set.

I do love the more adult/elegant ones, but this one is perfect for our family and very durable and I plan to use it at least until the kids are out of the house if not longer.

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Posted: 11/27/2012 7:12:09 AM
I got mine at K-Mart, maybe 5-6 years ago? I think it was either $20 or 25. You can find a ton for that price (half off the original) at Hobby Lobby.

ETA: Mine's purple. Do you know how hard it was to find a purple tree skirt? LOL! I like the fabric idea. I somewhat do that with my little tree, but it's a gold lame' table cloth. I wrap it around the little tree and the box it sits on.


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February 2002
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Posted: 11/27/2012 7:25:07 AM
I have always done the fabric draped around the base of the tree. I can easily (cheaply) change it out when I want to.

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July 2002
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Posted: 11/27/2012 8:07:35 AM
I got one at Dillard's years ago. I'd imagine it was in the $30range.

The second tree has a skirt that I got at Hobby Lobby. The price on the package was ridiculous, like $55 or some crazy amount. I waited until it was on sale for 50% off before I purchased it. They've got some cute tree skirts, but their marked price is highway robbery.

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Posted: 11/27/2012 8:29:36 AM
The tree skirt I use with my family room tree was bought over 10 years ago at K-Mart right before they went out of business in my area. It was on sale for $20 and rang up for $9. The tree skirts I use with my office and bedroom trees were bought last year at hobby lobby for 50% off for $25 and $30

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Posted: 11/27/2012 10:30:14 AM
I use a table cloth from Target. They are much cheaper than the tree skirts. One year I used a fleece blanket with snowflakes on it. It was from Target also.


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January 2009
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Posted: 11/27/2012 4:28:13 PM
I got mine at Tuesday Morning. It was about $30 but is gorgeous! Really nice quality.

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April 2010
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Posted: 11/27/2012 6:11:27 PM
I have one with a train cross stitched around the hem that I made and we used for about 20 years.

Last year, I bought a new one. I think it came from Homegoods and was about $50. We are in a new hose and had a 12 foot tree. I needed a bigger footprint for the skirt.

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February 2002
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Posted: 11/27/2012 6:14:21 PM
Ours came from Pottery Barn and is red velour with a green edge.
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