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Posted 12/28/2012 by AN in NSBR Board

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December 2005
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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:03:40 PM
This IS still a community of people who like paper crafts, right?

When I got engaged, I knew invitations would be a huge deal to me. It is pretty illogical, since they just get tossed in the trash anyway, but there is just no way I could send out something I didn't love.

Here they are! They'll go out in the mail in a few weeks. I just finished addressing and stuffing the vast majority of them, still have to seal and stamp them.

I hand-addressed the outer envelope with a white pen, which isn't in this photo. And I ended up writing the return address in white on the back flap too, because I discovered my printer is possessed by Satan and wouldn't feed the envelopes. That's okay though, to be honest - I really enjoyed hand-writing them all. I was very surprised! I thought I'd want to use cool wrap-around labels so they looked "perfect," but after writing out my Save the Dates, I realized I enjoyed the personal touch of the hand-writing.

The ombre cards on the right are four separate inserts with info on them. Fonts I used are Alex's Hand, Great Vibes, and Gotham. The invite on the left is actually 4 layers - gray cardstock, patterned paper (cut into 2 smaller strips), more gray cardstock, invitation on white stock). These suckers are RIGID. Each belly band has the name of the people invited (kind of in the place of an inside envelope).

And I HAVE to recommend this trimmer - Cutterpillar. I am not affiliated and get nothing from them if you buy one! BUT - I do know the guy who invented it. He is a vendor for me at work, oddly enough. I was telling him about working on my invitations and he told me he had invented this. He works in printing for his day job, and he is a crazy perfectionist, so I knew it had to be good. He was really unimpressed by the quality of personal paper trimmers out there so he created this one. It is AMAZING. I had to cut over 1500 pieces for these invitations, and I started out using a Swingline guillotine-style cutter. Awful. The Cutterpillar seriously saved me. The light on it is amazing.

Sorry I had to block out the personal info, hate how it makes it look!

These were sent out a few months ago, but here are my Save the Dates if anyone is interested. I designed them and had them printed through VistaPrint, which I was happy with.

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October 2002
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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:09:02 PM
Those look fantastic! You did a fabulous job. I can't imagine the time and patience required!!

Congratulations again


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June 2000
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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:11:19 PM
I love well crafted invitations and yours are beautiful, classy and well designed.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:11:24 PM
Those are VERY nice. Congratulations!

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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:13:47 PM
Those are beautiful!


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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:14:44 PM
Beautiful! Congrats to you!

Eye pea ;)

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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:15:26 PM

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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:17:30 PM
Very elegant and classy! I really love them.

Congratulations to you both.


Grom Pea

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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:21:16 PM
Gorgeous...and just so you know, I keep that kind of stuff, so some people do appreciate it

I also was obsessed about hand "letterpressing" my invites on my cuttlebug. My favorite compliment was that someone was dissapointed that I clearly hadn't hand made them because they looked too much like professional invites. Yours certainly are a lot fancier than mine were, I love the colors and the fonts you chose!

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February 2003
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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:26:00 PM
Oooh, they are beautiful!!!!

Married mom of 4

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June 2003
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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:32:02 PM
They are gorgeous!!



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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:46:32 PM
You did good! They are very classy! Some of us here still do paper crafts .....


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May 2002
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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:54:31 PM
Those are beautiful, and they look very professionally done. I appreciate your work.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Seems like only yesterday when we were hearing stories of some ridiculous dates you had been on.

Glad you found a keeper!

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May 2003
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Posted: 12/28/2012 10:59:26 PM
How elegant!


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June 1999
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Posted: 12/28/2012 11:05:33 PM


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November 2005
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Posted: 12/28/2012 11:20:49 PM
Gorgeous, Ashley! You did a fantastic job and I love how PURPLE they are

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Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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January 2005
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Posted: 12/28/2012 11:23:19 PM
Beautiful! Love the design, different from what I've seen.


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November 2001
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Posted: 12/28/2012 11:23:53 PM



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April 2012
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Posted: 12/28/2012 11:46:33 PM
I love them! You've got great style!

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August 2005
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Posted: 12/29/2012 12:42:28 AM

And congratulations on your wedding, neighbor! I live in Bloomington, IL.

Thrift Ninja

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October 2005
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Posted: 12/29/2012 12:46:26 AM
I adore them! (But I knew I would, I feel like we're on the same wavelength from a style-standpoint.) Love the font you chose for your names! Super cool.

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August 2004
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Posted: 12/29/2012 6:13:33 AM

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November 2010
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Posted: 12/29/2012 6:15:59 AM

from New York
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June 2001
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Posted: 12/29/2012 6:58:52 AM
Those are fantastic!!!

We Peas would thoroughly enjoy a wedding planning play-by-play...


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September 2003
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Posted: 12/29/2012 7:22:36 AM
Those are stunning! Great choice!

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March 2003
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Posted: 12/29/2012 7:29:45 AM
They are lovely, AN.


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Posted: 12/29/2012 8:19:30 AM
Wow. Those wouldn't end up in my trash. I'd keep it forever.

Btw, the Cutterpillar is exactly the same as the Genesis cutter for less. Those things are awesome! You should plug it on the GS boards.


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October 2006
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Posted: 12/29/2012 8:28:15 AM
Beautiful! You did a great job!

I'm getting married in September & thinking about making ours. You might have inspired me!!


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February 2003
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Posted: 12/29/2012 9:17:35 AM
They are beautiful, great job!


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April 2002
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Posted: 12/29/2012 10:14:47 AM
Beautiful!!!! I love the idea of it being address by hand too. Your wedding is going to be such a special day. Very happy for you!

Twins Rock

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March 2007
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Posted: 12/29/2012 10:47:34 AM

Amazing job, and if it makes you feel any better, I am one of those people who appreciate a wedding invitation and keep all of them!


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December 2011
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Posted: 12/29/2012 10:53:15 AM
Impressive! Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!
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FLA SummerBaby

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January 2007
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Posted: 12/29/2012 11:04:29 AM
AN-- these are gorgeous!!!I love the design and the colors and the whole presentation. You did an awesome job with the selection and the putting them together.

Thanks for sharing. Hope all your plans are going well and you are having fun with it all.

~~ Lisa ~~


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July 2009
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Posted: 12/29/2012 11:45:39 AM
WOW - they are beautiful! I love that you handmade them = it adds such a personal touch!

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February 2010
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Posted: 12/29/2012 11:46:43 AM
Wow those are stunning! I appreciate the hours and hours it took you to make those. Congratulations!

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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December 2006
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Posted: 12/29/2012 11:52:46 AM
Beautifully done.


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October 2004
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Posted: 12/29/2012 11:59:04 AM
Absolutely beautiful! I love the four inserts on the right and the band around the whole thing!


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February 2005
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Posted: 12/29/2012 12:28:49 PM
Wow! Those are beautiful and so elegant. I love everything about them (colors, design, etc.), and think you did an incredible job. Congratulations!


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Posted: 12/29/2012 12:46:03 PM


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February 2008
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Posted: 12/29/2012 12:50:58 PM
Oh my gosh, those are absolutely fabulous! You did an amazing job and you should be proud. I made my invites also, but they are nowhere near as awesome as yours. Kudos! Have a wonderful marriage and a wonderful wedding day!


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August 2004
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Posted: 12/29/2012 1:22:09 PM
Those are beautiful!
You should be very proud to send them out!



PEAnuts and Crackerjacks

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February 2001
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Posted: 12/29/2012 2:50:24 PM
Absolutely beautiful.


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September 2001
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Posted: 12/29/2012 2:53:34 PM
I LOVE them! You did an amazing job; the colors, fonts, everything is just perfect. Congrats!



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May 2005
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Posted: 12/29/2012 2:56:36 PM
They are lovely.


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Posted: 12/29/2012 3:05:42 PM
Wow Wow Wow!!

There is SO much to love about your invites!

(and I would never throw that away either, def. a keeper!)

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Posted: 12/29/2012 3:13:48 PM
Beautiful. Wonderful work!

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October 2005
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Posted: 12/29/2012 10:52:16 PM
Great job!

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Posted: 12/29/2012 10:53:23 PM
They are GORGEOUS. great job!

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February 2011
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Posted: 12/29/2012 11:34:39 PM
You should be proud! You did a beautiful job. Thanks for the info on the cutter. I hate the one I have. Off to see the cost on those.
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