Glitter Girl, can you help with 'no photo' scrapbooking?

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Posted 1/2/2013 by safeb in General Scrappin'


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December 2012
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Posted: 1/2/2013 4:48:21 PM
Dear Glitter Girl,

I am new to scrapbooking, and the main reason I have fallen in love with the idea is because I have so many family stories to tell - funny incidents, both sides full of characters, events and memories, and so on. I want to get this on paper before the older generation is lost and the idea of doing so in an artful way through scrapbooking just appeals to that crafting side of me.

Thing is... I don't have many photos, almost none at all in fact for most of the tales I have to tell, and most of my pages will have none. I have seen some lovely layouts with no pictures but most either have a lot of embellishment or not nearly the same amount of text several of my pages are likely to have. I know some of the pages you've done in your series have had quite a bit of journalling on them - how would you have gone about them if you had had no photo to 'hang' that story on to? Would your layouts have been any different?

So my question/dilemma is: how do I achieve a scrapbook page that does not seem like it is just a load of text, or that the embellishment and decoration is just a disconnected 'add-on' (or overwhelms the whole page)? How do I make it distinctive, beautiful and creative (as well as telling a story) without any photo to 'hang it all from'? I really need help and ideas of how to think through the processes of how to go about this as I'm feeling kinda stumped right now.

Thank you in advance if you think this is something you can help with!


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January 2010
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Posted: 1/2/2013 4:51:52 PM
Great question and one I would love seeing an answer to also. Thanks for asking!

I'm an old pea with a forgetful memory (can't remember old login info)....please cut me some slack LOL!!!


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Posted: 1/2/2013 4:54:50 PM
I'm interested in how she would answer this too!



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Posted: 1/2/2013 4:59:13 PM
This is a great question!! My mom was not nearly as avid a photographer as I am, so I don't have much to illustrate the stories I remember from my childhood. And there are stories that simply have no photo, and a "generic" photo of a person doesn't always work as a substitute.


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Posted: 1/2/2013 5:07:49 PM
Oh, really good question safeb. I have very few photos from my childhood - we didn't have a camera that I remember. It would be nice to be able to "spice up" the l/o's that include some of those photo-less memories. Maria


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Posted: 1/2/2013 5:45:56 PM
Really good question!


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Posted: 1/2/2013 5:49:16 PM
Hopefully Glitter Girl will save the day for us, but something I've done when I didn't have a picture I took was to find a website or a picture from Google images, etc. and take a screen shot of it. So if I wanted to tell a story from my elementary school, I could go to Google Earth and get a picture, that sort of thing. Or maybe try to find or take a picture that fits the mood of my story, but that can be tricky! Good question!

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Posted: 1/2/2013 6:27:47 PM
Agree with the above post, Glitter Girl must be around somewhere , but there's a couple of things I hope that could help in the meantime.

Do a few art style journal pages.

Take photos of your family members the story relates to, as they are now, and use those on the page.

Have a photo of yourself on the page, as the story teller.

You could make those specific journaling pages or stories a feature in your album. Place them on pages next to a layout with a photo or something that you do have, such as ephemera, or even if there is no photo, continue the story on the next page. Name the special features the same, for example, if you all loved to sit around the table and converse about certain things growing up, call these features 'stories from the table' I hope I'm explaining this properly..

I'd use the journaling page just like a photo. Write on separate paper, smaller than your layout size, add embellishments that might go with the period of your story, or do what the above poster said and get shots from google.

I'd be interested to hear what GG says also! I'm sure there has to be a number of great ideas out there somewhere lol.


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Posted: 1/2/2013 6:34:44 PM
I often find myself with a story to tell, but no photo.
I would love to see what others come up with, especially Glitter Girl.

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Posted: 1/2/2013 6:44:11 PM
You could "contain" the journaling by placing it in 4x6 journaling cards and using them on a layout like you would photos.

I like the idea of getting images from the internet, or using photos of people as they are now.


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Posted: 1/2/2013 7:00:19 PM
I hope GG answers this Q!!! Its a great one!!!

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Posted: 1/2/2013 7:31:30 PM
I really liked the Garden Girl LO this week that didn't have a photo, which got me thinking about this same question! (Sorry, still can't get photos to insert) In her LO, I thought it would work to flip the tiny bag over and insert journaling cards... just one option.



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December 2012
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Posted: 1/3/2013 5:22:45 AM
Thank you for all the replies and suggestions. Several are ones I had already considered/will be using and the rest will help hugely (thanks!), but I know there will still be a lot of pages that I won't be able to find an image for and will also carry a LOT of text. Let's hope Glitter Girl CAN help.

Also, I've thought of another (related) question in addition to this, which had occurred to me when I had watched her do layouts with lots of handwritten journalling on: how do you know how much space you will need and what do you do stylistically/design-wise if you run out of space and have to make more/continue writing off your originally intended journalling space? How do you make it look like you meant that to happen and not just a big clumsy mess? Printing it out might solve that, I realise, but if you want to handwrite?

Once again - thanks for all the suggestions. Good to know I'm not the only one thinking about this issue.
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