Disneyland or Disney World, which one should I go to?

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Posted 10/6/2013 by TalissaAmity in NSBR Board


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Posted: 10/6/2013 4:54:53 AM
I'm thinking of taking my family to either Disneyland or Disney World.

Which do you suggest?

I am coming from Australia.

Once I narrow down a location, I will ask some more questions about when is the best time to travel.

I am leaning towards Disney World as it sounds bigger.

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Posted: 10/6/2013 5:16:02 AM
Oh World, no doubt!

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Posted: 10/6/2013 5:31:21 AM
World is much bigger and you have other parks close by (Sea a World, Universal, Aquatica).

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Posted: 10/6/2013 5:40:35 AM
If you're making a trip like that? WDW for sure.

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Posted: 10/6/2013 6:05:14 AM
World hands down

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Posted: 10/6/2013 6:08:49 AM
Disney World - so much more to do!



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June 2004
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Posted: 10/6/2013 6:10:21 AM
Thanks guys!!!

Decision made. Disney World it is.

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Posted: 10/6/2013 7:44:45 AM
How much money do you have to spend? Seriously? How much time do you have to spend?

You could spend a week at the world and still not touch it all. There is just so much to do!

Disneyland is wonderful, but you could most likely do it all in 2 to 3 days.

Have fun!


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Posted: 10/6/2013 8:02:32 AM
Not really sure of the budget yet dreamerpea. Thought something with kitchen facilities would be good as we would probably just like to make a light dinner at the end of the day rather than buy full restaurant meals for all of us. The prices of those rooms are . Will have to do a bit more research.

We would definitely spend at least a week. My DH is a contractor so can take as much time off as he wants, we obviously just don't get paid in that time. We would probably have a 2 week holiday and try and include New York or something like that. Need to make the holiday a decent length seeing its takes such a long time to get to the US.

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Posted: 10/6/2013 8:05:09 AM
You don't have to stay at Disney resort. You can save a lot of money by staying off Disney property and could easily find something with a kitchenette.

When we were there we ate a snack or cereal in the morning, a huge restaurant lunch and a sandwich/something like that before bed. We were never hungry.

Have fun planning!


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Posted: 10/6/2013 9:36:20 AM
Also if you are thinking about staying on site but want a kitchenette for meals, you can always look at renting DVC points from a vacation club owner. It ends up being cheaper than just getting a room if you are staying for a long time.

My suggestion is to check out the DisBoards. There is a wealth of information there and people are very helpful.

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Posted: 10/6/2013 11:17:17 AM
I agree that Orlando has so much to do that WDW is a great bet. Use DisBoards.com and AllEars.net to help you plan, for sure. And use the Disney Dining Plan!! You can eat at some great places.

We enjoyed Grand Floridian Cafe; three of us would have been $128 if we'd paid cash but it was a small fraction of that by using the DDP. Just one example. Disney is about to institute a fee for "missed" reservations, so if you make a reservation at one of their restaurants and miss it there will be a charge. 'Not sure when it goes into effect, so check those boards because I'm sure there will be much discussion about it.

Yes, staying "off-property" as they call it can save you some money. Have snacks in your hotel room, eat a breakfast at your hotel or a local restaurant then hit the park for the day. Personally, though, I'd stay ON property if you can afford it. The resorts are gorgeous and the customer service is exemplary. There's nothing like being able to hop a bus and be at your resort/park in 15, 20, 30 minutes.

Have a great vacation!!



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Posted: 10/6/2013 12:19:38 PM
Honestly, stay here 3 weeks, 2 in florida. The wdw parks are big, as in spread out, so much walking to get from point a to point b. Even a park a day at wdw is pretty exhaustive, we just went and by day 4 we stayed in the hotel to rest. Granted this was in July. The heat, ugh. We did go back in september, so nice. Most people were going back to school, much better than July.

Plus I would also make Universal a priority, Harry Potter and all that. Sea world is fantastic too.

I am just concerned that if you dont add that additional week you will be exhausted by week 2 and instead of enjoying yourself you will be forcing yourself to finish your goals.

I agree with staying on sight. We did, it was my first time "onsight". Oh my gosh! What a difference. We were at rope drops and had early entries. After we ate lunch we went back to the resort and slept. Got up at 5 and went till close (warning- the animal park closes early). I didn't touch my car for 4 days, didnt need too.

Driving to the parks from off sight takes time, sometimes 30-60 minutes ONE WAY. And you have to pay to park per day if your not onsight. Plus when your onsight at wdw, you dont need a car. That cost might make the stay onsight more "affordable". Check and see if there is a bus that goes from the airport to the disney resorts. Disney resort should know of a way to get a rental to you at the end of your stay. The rest of orlando you have to have a car.

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Posted: 10/6/2013 12:27:32 PM
I love DL as it's the resort I grew up with being from California. But, we went to WDW last summer and if I were coming from Australia, I would definitely pick WDW.

I don't know that I feel the same about staying on site. How old are your kids? Mine are teens and preferred all the extra space we got by staying off-site vs. on. We stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club (we are members, but you can rent rooms there.) We had a three bedroom with full kitchen, dining table and living room. My kids enjoy their own space more than that being immersed in Disney feeling. We arrived before rope drop every day. Some days we left around 1:00 and went back from lunch and then came back. Some days we stayed and closed the parks.

Don't forget about the water parks at WDW...there are two of them and we really enjoyed the one we went to.

My favorite site (besides disboards) for WDW advice is easywdw.com. We also got a Ridemax subscription to help plan our days at each park. Between Ridemax and easywdw, we never waited more than 10-15 minutes for a ride, even when we were in Magic Kingdom and the crowd level was a 9 (out of 10.)



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November 2003
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Posted: 10/6/2013 12:32:00 PM
staying at WDW is definitely not a necessity, in fact I've never done it in any of the 6 times I've been. It's just too much disney atmosphere for my dh. Check out vrbo.com to look into renting a house or condo instead, much cheaper than a hotel & gives you a full kitchen for meals. And you can pack lunch to take with you if you want. And most places have a pool for end of day relaxation, or a break from disney activities. If you find something in Kissimmee you're only looking at a 30 minute drive max to the parks, and thats in high traffic.

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Posted: 10/6/2013 12:37:19 PM
If you want the original, authentic Disney experience, go to Disneyland.

If you want the huge Disney multi-park, over-reaching EXPERIENCE, go to Disney World.


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Posted: 10/6/2013 6:12:06 PM
Thank-you for all the advice ladies.

My children are 6, 9 and 11 Cmpeter, off to check the Hilton.


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Posted: 10/6/2013 6:37:29 PM
We always stay at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek. My parents have timeshare points, but I know they rent out rooms to others as well. We get 3 bedroom suites and they are amazing. The facility is brand new and is amazing.

It's right down in the middle of everythign, almost across the street from Downtown Disney. Give it a look.

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Posted: 10/6/2013 6:51:22 PM
I prefer Disney World - it's much bigger and there's a lot more to do. That said, if I was coming in the middle of the summer when it's very hot and very humid in Florida, I might prefer Disneyland. I love summertime weather in southern California.


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April 2004
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Posted: 10/6/2013 7:08:23 PM
My advice: if you want the dining plan, then stay on Disney property. The advantage there is your food is already paid for and it makes easy, and more cost effective to do character meals. But you have limited resort options with 5 - more expensive options, unless you rent DVC points and stay in those.

If you want to stay at a non-Disney hotel, I would link at the Swan and Dolphin. They are Sheraton/Westin properties, but are on Disney property. They are walking distance to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios and Disney transportation stops at the resorts. We stayed there on one of our trips and loved it. We could see both parks from our room. They are bigger rooms than a lot of Disney rooms and unlike most rooms on Disney property, you can sleep 5 in one room.

Any where you decide to stay, I would start looking at Disboards soon, there is soon much information on there. Another newer site I like is easywdw.com, especially for his calendars for park days.



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October 2011
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Posted: 10/6/2013 7:13:20 PM
Disney World. Bigger. Better. Been to both places but I live in FL and DW is just my place to be!
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February 2003
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Posted: 10/6/2013 9:07:55 PM
Definitely Disney World!



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July 2003
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Posted: 10/6/2013 9:12:59 PM
Even though I LOVE (and I mean LOVE) Disneyland, since you are coming from so far, I would go to Disney World.


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January 2009
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Posted: 10/6/2013 9:37:36 PM
Disney World!

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November 2005
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Posted: 10/6/2013 9:44:12 PM
What Chele said above ^^^. I was born and raised in SoCal, so Disneyland will always be my favorite. It is the original. Weather-wise, Disneyland has good weather all year round pretty much. But I would steer clear of DisneyWorld in the summer. It is hot and humid beyond description. lol


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January 2009
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Posted: 10/6/2013 9:45:37 PM
WDW, no contest!


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December 2009
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Posted: 10/7/2013 2:34:21 AM
We're in Australia also and have done both 3 times each. I'm dying to go back to Disneyland as its been quite a while and there have been many changes since. But my true Disney addiction didn't really start until we went to Disney World. Definitely go there if you have the chance. I can't wait to get back there. Hoping for September next year.


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Posted: 10/7/2013 10:39:05 PM
Thank-you everybody for your replies.
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