Closed captions at the movie theater?

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Posted 3/22/2014 by Minnesota*Mom in NSBR Board


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Posted: 3/22/2014 8:37:36 PM
Has anyone used this? Can you explain how it works? I'm guessing the captions aren't up on the screen so that everyone can see them since I've never seen them before, but I don't go to a lot of movies, either.


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Posted: 3/22/2014 8:39:51 PM
At our theater they have certain viewings where the CC are on the screen during the film.


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Posted: 3/22/2014 8:44:28 PM
I have only seen this once; I assume the device came from the theatre. It was a small box given to the patron, displaying the captions. My recollection was that it was the same digital green that my microwave clock is. I noticed it mostly because of the light, and because it was "moving" as the caption changed.

However, it's been a few years and it's entirely possible that the whole setup is totally different.



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Posted: 3/22/2014 9:40:34 PM
Sometimes it's projected on the back wall of the theatre and the patron uses a small mirror to see it.

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Posted: 3/22/2014 10:24:02 PM
They make special glasses now that receive the captions wirelessly. Very cool.

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Posted: 3/22/2014 11:23:31 PM
A couple years ago I picked a movie that was cc and I didn't know it. The words were right on the screen. It was super distracting for me because I couldn't stop myself from reading them even though I knew I didn't need to.

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Posted: 3/23/2014 12:14:25 AM
My boss is deaf and loves going to the movies. They have a small box with a screen on it with a "handle" that goes in the cup holder. Then, when positioned, the words and screen are visible together. Then not everyone has the closed captioning.

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Posted: 3/23/2014 7:02:45 PM
If everyone can see the captions on the screen it's called "open captions". I think the wireless glasses are cool!

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