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Posted 7/14/2009 by cdnscrapper in General Scrappin'

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Posted: 7/14/2009 12:11:02 PM
Go to www.whyslice.com to see it.


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Posted: 7/14/2009 12:23:36 PM
now why couldn't they have thought about that when they first came out and not when I have one already.

Scrap Ho

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Posted: 7/14/2009 12:54:04 PM
They are killing me ...first the BIA going pink and now my Slice.

My studio is pink and lime green...so my blue Slice will be up for sale on the FSOT board after I buy the Pink Slice!!! Hope I can get a good deal on the new one!!!


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Posted: 7/14/2009 1:02:10 PM
Does it do anything different than the green Slice? or is it just a color change?


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Posted: 7/14/2009 1:03:28 PM
Pink and lime green sounds like really cute colors for a scrapbook room been thinking of changing the colors in my room...may have to think about that hugs Shelia

Ton of hugs and lots of memory making!!

Scrap Ho

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December 2003
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Posted: 7/14/2009 1:12:23 PM

"Pink and lime green sounds like really cute colors for a scrapbook room been thinking of changing the colors in my room...may have to think about that"

I love pink and just got lucky finding striped bins @ M's that had the pink and lime green (and a few other colors) in them. I upgraged my Xyron to the green one just to match....I am crazy for Pink and Lime green!
My BF thinks I should keep the slatboards and walls white so it doesn't look like Ms Piggy and Kermit live here!


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November 2008
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Posted: 7/14/2009 1:19:31 PM
NOOOOOOOOoooooooooo I love pink so not fair!


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Posted: 7/14/2009 2:16:37 PM
I love pink!!! I wonder if there will be a new pink bag and tools also? I may have to sell my blue stuff so I can buy the pink!


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Posted: 7/14/2009 2:19:23 PM
Oh, my stars! Why did they do this? LOL I love pink, and will add this to my wish list!! Maybe my sister will buy the old one?

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Posted: 7/14/2009 5:22:39 PM
I am going to whine like a baby and say Nooooooooooooo!

I just got a Slice a few weeks ago! I would have waited for a pink one.


Jackie O

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Posted: 7/14/2009 6:45:07 PM
Well, I'm going to wait for a purple one....just as sure as I buy the pink they'll come out with a purple one! lol!

Jackie O

sara b
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Posted: 7/14/2009 6:57:55 PM

Oh, my stars! Why did they do this?

Because they know that we'll all rush out to buy it when it first comes out no matter the color. They save the color we all want (pink, purple, whatever) to get people who bought it earlier to buy another one. Plus all of us pink lovers to take the leap based on the color.

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Posted: 7/14/2009 8:00:33 PM
Well, I love aqua and I'm thrilled that I got one before the color change!


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Posted: 7/14/2009 8:12:14 PM
if only I had waited a bit longer...

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Posted: 7/14/2009 8:14:07 PM
If anyone would like to sell their green one, feel free to peamail me




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Posted: 7/14/2009 10:09:55 PM
As long as it has the same functions (no new bells & whistles or exclusive design cards) the color is really irrelevant to me. Of course, I never was a really big fan of pink anyway.

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Posted: 7/14/2009 11:25:10 PM
Love pink but I'll be keeping mine unless this pink one does something different.


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Posted: 7/15/2009 12:00:45 AM
I figure at least I got a good deal on my original one with a 50% off M's coupon before they banned them...the ad says independent stores will carry them, I am wondering if this excludes stores like M's? Scrap companies sure know us well, don't they? This reminds me of when QK came out with the pink squeeze, I had to have that, even though I had the original tool!


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Posted: 7/15/2009 8:21:52 AM
'They' do it because they KNOW hard-cores are gonna run out and buy it when it first appears no matter what color it is.......and then they all have to have the PINK one - well, because it's pink......so they've sold 2......also happened with the fasenator.......


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Posted: 7/15/2009 10:19:04 AM
The Slice is on my B-Day wish list! I am super excited about the pink!

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Posted: 7/15/2009 2:20:13 PM
Well now I am glad I waited. I love pink and it will match my room perfectly. My room is decorated in pink and lime green.

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