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Posted 9/25/2012 by scrapgal123 in General Scrappin'


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February 2009
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Posted: 9/25/2012 7:47:32 PM
Does anyone remember a tool that you would feed a piece of paper through and it would make it wavy? A friend of mine is trying to find one to buy but I can't think of the name.

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Posted: 9/25/2012 7:48:03 PM
paper crimper



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August 2011
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Posted: 9/25/2012 8:17:05 PM
Yeah...its a paper crimper. My Michaels still carries the one made by Fiskars. But, I'm sure there are other brands out there.


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Posted: 9/26/2012 12:58:01 AM
Marvy made one called Corru-gator, I still have it. Love doing the baby blanket technique. I believe Michaels carries the paper crimpers.

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Posted: 9/26/2012 4:40:39 AM
It's a crimper. I think I have seen them at Michaels....Fiskars. I still have mine from when I first started scrapping. I really should get it out and use it again.

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December 2003
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Posted: 9/26/2012 5:08:44 AM
I bought one last year at ACMoore. It's easier than scoring to make a fine accordion pleat for a wreath or flower.


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August 2004
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Posted: 9/26/2012 6:50:48 AM
OK, Cherrypicker. You now may be responsible for me purchasing one of the only tools that I've avoided all these years. I wasn't so interested in crimping, but now that baby blanket weave sounds intriguing...

Yes, that would be a paper crimper and I still have mine. Fiskars is a good one to look into. Mine is over 10 years old and still works perfectly.

Here is a neat tip: Run it thru the crimper once and get the normal 'crimp', then take that same crimped piece and give a 1/4 turn. Run thru crimper again- you will get a 'weave' effect.

We call it the 'baby-blanket weave'....

...well, when I taught classes, that is what we called it...



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Posted: 9/26/2012 8:12:42 AM
HL carries them too. I my paper crimper.

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Posted: 9/26/2012 8:35:27 AM
There was a thread a week or so ago about using a crimper.. Crimp dies cuts, letters, all kinds of things.


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February 2009
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Posted: 9/26/2012 11:58:37 AM
Thanks everyone!!!


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Posted: 9/27/2012 9:17:59 AM
Thanks for the weave tip Janet. I've hardly used my crimper in the 10 years I've owned it, and it would be nice to try something new with it instead of letting it collect more dust.


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