Martha Stewart 24 by 36 inch cutting mat-- Opinions, please

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Posted 10/4/2012 by ScrapsontheRocks in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 10/4/2012 4:01:02 AM
Would the Peas please let me know what they think of this cutting mat? In particular: 1. Since it folds in half for crops/ storage but I will primarily be using it permanently on my counter, does it lie flat? Does the fold present any other problems?
2. Some of the reviews are not encouraging in regard to its self-healing properties. Not sure if this applied only to the 12 by 12 earlier mat, possibly this issue solved?

I am attracted to it primarily because of its size and Neutral colour.

Thanks, Peas...


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Posted: 10/4/2012 4:49:20 AM
Sorry haven't seen it....good luck!


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Posted: 10/4/2012 6:08:03 AM
I have the 24x24, and have had no problems with it. As far as the self-healing properties though, I don't really use it for cutting much. Mostly I just use it for a work area.

Happiness looks good on everyone!


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Posted: 10/4/2012 8:24:41 AM
I used one for several years, but it was always a issue with the fold. I used it to cut small things with and the self healing was not the best. It finally split in half at the fold. The best part was how it kept my counter clean, the lines helped also.


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July 2012
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Posted: 10/4/2012 8:33:36 AM
Hooray for the Peas! I am in Johannesburg, South Africa and I always envy you lot with your coupons and specials. One of our large online sellers here is having a 1-day sale on Saturday. I have been eyeing this mat for a while so if it is still in stock I am tempted indeed.

Thanks, woodysbetty, for the good wishes; hilsmom for the user's heads-up & cherrypicker- the video & the comments/questions answered underneath really helped; seems the "flattening out" might involve a little luck and although the jury is still out on the self-healing durability, I think I will go for it.
ETA-- just saw kaluha's caveat...AAAARGH! I appreciate the help.


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Posted: 10/5/2012 4:00:33 AM
I know this is a little late. I had one and it didn't last. I used the mat a lot though. The mat split at the seams. It was not self healing. When it finally went kaput I did not buy another one. Not one of Martha's best products. I usually don't try to give bad reviews on products because I know as artists and crafter's we all have different needs. The Martha mat was one of the worst self healing mats I ever bought. To be fair I am a heavy user of self healing mats so Martha's mat might not have been made for heavy use. I didn't have problems with it lying flat. I forgot to add that.


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Posted: 10/5/2012 7:18:02 AM
Thanks to you, too, lylacfey-- friday afternoon here, still have time to weigh it up as the online sale starts tomorrow.

As you could see from my second post, am vacillating. I have a HUGE granite top, black with sparkles, with 4 large green self-healing mats for when I have buddies. They do the job but look blah. I have a smaller pink one for crops & am so not a pink girl. This latest info is a real red flag; will see how I feel tomorrow am & if I go for it because it will "match" my scraproom better, will certainly not blame the Peas.


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Posted: 10/6/2012 12:20:06 PM
Love the mat, hate the fold because mine split in half after about 2 months of use.. Luckily I only paid $8 for it at Big Lots, so I'm not too bummed.. I taped the back and still use it, but it no longer folds in half.
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