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Posted 10/5/2012 by Nana2Callie in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 10/5/2012 3:18:59 PM
I realize I'm late to the party and there are a lot of post already regarding PL. But, please link any threads that contain the basic concept or what type of albums/kits you are using. I know some buy and some make their own (if making own what album and protectors do you use). Is this a picture every day or every week? Please share.... thanks,


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Posted: 10/5/2012 3:47:44 PM
It's totally up to you and how you want to do it. Do a search for PROJECT LIFE on YouTube and you can see people's take on it.

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Posted: 10/5/2012 4:50:15 PM
I didn't have the patience to wait for Becky's Project Life products to be 'in-stock' at Amazon, so I made my own this year.

I used an AC 3-ring 12x12 binder I had on hand, and purchased AC photo protectors. I bought Simple Stories Year-o-logy line and some pieces of SS Life Documented to start.

Once I got started piecing my weekly PL pages together, I purchased some Martha Stewart labels from Staples, and I've been happily doing Project Life ever since.

Admittedly, I got behind in the summer months, so for those few weeks where my children and I spent most of our time playing outside, or in the pool, I haven't many photos. So, I compiled my summer ephemera (receipts, every day mundane things like Velveeta box tops and junk mailers) and used those things to fill in the empty spaces for some random days during those weeks. I also combined weeks, so could fill some pages in my PL.

Do whatever you feel compelled to do. It's your LIFE, your pages. Don't make it more difficult than it needs to be. Just that you want to document it, THAT is what is important.


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Posted: 10/5/2012 4:50:27 PM
Becky's Blog
click on the cartoon video in the top right hand corner.
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Posted: 10/5/2012 6:23:57 PM
I'm also late to the PL party... But am thinking more and more I want to start. I feel like I'm missing all the fun little things. Does everyone keep separate books or mix them with layouts? I would love to keep the same time frame all together but it probably works better separated? Just my guess
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Posted: 10/5/2012 7:36:00 PM
If you search for layout a day there was a scrap webinar thing you can still sign up for and you'll get a link to the replay, until 10/9

I'm on my 4th week of DIY PL. all I got was WRMK page protectors, paper and glue. It really is what you want and make of it. Decide what's important to you (photos, story, creativity, art etc) and go from there. At first I thought PL meant having to use Becky higgins products but it doesn't have to be. I make my own (albeit very plain but pretty to me) journaling cards
and it's working out fine. I find I don't think I even need her kit anymore as I find I don't have much use for those "filler" cards (those cards with fancy phrases that I would never say in real life anyway) as I focus on the writing.

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Posted: 10/5/2012 8:20:35 PM
Becky Higgins

This is a great place to start. The short video quickly explains what Project Life is and from there, you can look at all the products you might need to create your Project Life album, as well as links to all the creative team member's blogs, so you can see examples of their Project Life spreads. The great thing about the creative team is some do paper spreads, others digital, some use the core kit exclusively, others don't use them at all and create their own kit.

Personally, I've been doing Project Life since April and I love it so much. To start, I bought the variety pack 1 page protectors because that was all Amazon had in stock at the time and the white Project Life 12x12 D ring binder. In retrospect, white was a bad idea, because it's an album we look at all the time, white gets dirty. Also, I ended up buying the big pack of Design A page protectors when they came back in stock as I found them easiest to work with. It's nice knowing that all your photos should be taken horizontally because that's the way the Design A pockets are.

Having said that, next year, I will probably buy a 12x12 D ring binder from Michael's with a 50% off coupon. I will keep using Design A as I like it, but We R Memory Keepers make divided page protectors that a lot of people like and their D ring albums seem to be the most popular. Simple Stories and Studio Calico are also both coming out with 6x8 versions of Project Life albums with divided page protectors and journal cards(hitting stores this month) that I think would work really well.

There are so many different ways to do Project Life. I think doing a picture every day, while a great goal, is very difficult to do for a lot of people. I tend to look at is as a week in review. I may use 3 pictures from a certain day and then not use a single picture at all for a day or two in the week. Recently, I have decided to drop down to doing two weeks per 2 week spread. I still do traditional layouts and was finding I didn't have enough photos to do traditional layouts each week. I keep my traditional layouts and and Project Life in separate albums, but I am not a chronological scrapper. There are lots of people who put their layouts in with their Project Life pages and I think that's a great idea.

When I started out, I also bought the Cobalt Edition core kit (once again, it was the only one available at the time). Other than the grid journalling cards, I never actually used the core kit. Once I had it, I decided the colours just weren't me. Since then, I have made my own kit using paper I already had on hand. In the beginning, my spreads were really simple. I put photos in the the pockets, and made journalling cards with patterned paper and coordinating cardstock.

Once I got into the groove of doing it each week, I began getting a little more creative. I now do something a little different each week and use patterned paper, washi tape, tags, flair, brads and wood veneers to embellish. I also make my own journal cards using the Project Life 3x4 grid cards, some washi tape and stamps. Garden Girl, Lisa Truesdell, had a great challenge on the blog in June to make your own journal cards. I found it really inspiring and refer back to it a lot. I have a few of my Project Life spreads posted in my gallery

Two Peas has a great free class each month called Captured with Lisa Truesdell Each month she shows her Project Life spread and has 2 guest designers. She then focuses on one topic a month (say using washi, stamps, etc) and shows many, many ways to incorporate that technique or product into your Project Life. I really look forward to this each month. I have gotten so many great ideas from her class.

I think the important thing to remember is Project Life can be whatever you want it to be. Picture a day, week or month in review. Digital, paper. Core kit, make your own. Do whatever makes you happy.

And if you get behind, please don't give up. Just start up again whenever you can. It's better to have a little bit done than nothing at all. Your family are going to love this album and no one is going to care if a few weeks or months are missing. The album is supposed to be a reflection of your lives. And if a chunk of time is missing, well that's just indicative of how busy your life is at that time. And if you've been taking photos all along and don't feel you can catch up with journaling,etc, just print the photos and put them in the pockets. It will be so nice just to have those in the album.

Good luck and welcome to Project Life!
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