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Posted 10/9/2012 by Maddy166 in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 10/9/2012 2:03:41 AM
Hi Peas,

I am in Year 6, I think the equivalent in America is Sixth Grade or something or other like that, and this year to leave a mark on our school we are doing a major art project. This years theme is Music and that doesn't really appeal to me because sooo many people dislike music and it is not the entire school curriculum!! So I am irritated!! So I was wondering what you if you did anything for your mark on the school what was it. It did not have to be called a 'year 6 project' but that is what our school has called it because we are in Year 6 and it is a major project in our school and it will take up a lot of time!!

So please let me know because I desperately want to change it!!

Mwahaha!! I'm craaaaaaazy

My jam!!
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