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Posted 11/6/2012 by JoanneW in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 11/6/2012 1:02:24 AM
I noticed in the Monday class, Shannon Tidwell referred to an in review layout. Can somebody please clarify for me what that means? If I hadn't seen her layout I would have said it would be something like 2012 in review with random photos from the year, but that doesn't seem to work for Shannon's layout?

Thanks for your help

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Posted: 11/6/2012 7:25:42 AM
It can be a review of anything...a birthday (A la Shannon's LO), a vacation, a movie, a day out, a week, a year...anything you want to "wrap up".

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Posted: 11/6/2012 12:16:37 PM
Hers are specifically about the decorations, so I took it to be "in review" of the decorations, meaning she probably has a bunch more photo of the decorations but is scrapbooking her favorite photos of them.

I think one of the recent B-Day LOs I did is like that, except it's review of the entire birthday party, my cousin's son's first birthday. I took way more photos than the 13 I used on the LO, but only scrapped those 13 because they capture the essence of the party. On the other hand, when another family member turned 1 in 2011, I scrapbooked five two-page LOs about the event. One about family members who came, one about the boy's pet turtles, one about his birthday cake, one about his pinata and one about his presents.


PeaNut 81,992
April 2003
Posts: 1,218
Layouts: 23
Loc: Jersey

Posted: 11/14/2012 12:48:36 AM
Thanks for the responses
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