help finding website for converting 12x12 dimentions to 8x8

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Posted 11/10/2012 by ca angel in General Scrappin'

ca angel

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November 2008
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Posted: 11/10/2012 8:40:48 PM
I remember some one posting about a website that would convert measurements for you but I can't find it again. Can any one help??

I know there is also a formula that I could use as a last resort!

ca angel

Prima 'n' Stickles Pea

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April 2003
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Posted: 11/10/2012 9:04:38 PM
I don't know of a website, but 8" is 2/3 of 12", so just scale everything down proportionately. Multiplying by .66 (which equals 2/3) should do the trick.

If I have to use all this paper before I die, I'll live forever!

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