can the silhouette cut......

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Posted 11/22/2012 by ~3girls&aguy~ in General Scrappin'

Now what?

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Posted: 11/22/2012 3:10:18 PM
stencil material? My sisters are big into mixed media and they want to make their own stencils....I know you can buy the sheets of the stuff at Wal Mart....but can my silhouette cut it?

Anyone cut it before and how did it do?

I've never cut vinyl OR chipboard with I'm a tad nervous about it.


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Posted: 11/22/2012 4:27:51 PM
You can cut vinyl. I've actually had great results making stencils from contact paper - the shelf liner stuff from Walmart. I've also used vinyl for making my own wall art designs. Insofar as cupboard goes, I've never tried it but I think the thickest stuff it will cut is a cereal box.

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Posted: 11/22/2012 7:32:43 PM
I think only thin chipboard. If you are talking about the stencil sheets you can buy, I have some of that and I'm kinda nervous about the idea of using it. If I were going to try it, I'd do a blade setting of 2 or 3, do a double cut on the lowest setting, then adjust the blade to 4 or 5 and run it through again (without removing the cutting mat in between). I'd do the slowest speed so the blade isn't pushing too hard.

I have a bunch of acetate transparency pages and I just used one of those to make two stencils for glimmer misting. They worked great as stencils and as "stamps" and the Sil cut through them just fine. I think the key is to use as slow a speed as you can. It takes longer per cut, but I have had fewer cutting problems than I had when I used the higher speed.
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Now what?

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July 1999
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Posted: 11/22/2012 7:54:06 PM
Yea, my sister went to Staples to buy some transparencies, but they wanted $50 for a box! YIKES!

Does Wal Mart carry transparencies? Anyone know?



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Posted: 11/22/2012 9:43:10 PM
Try going over to their copy center and purchase them individually. That's what I have done. If they are out, they will open the $50 box and sell u some out of it.

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Posted: 11/23/2012 6:43:15 AM
The art department at Hobby Lobby has large (poster size) sheets of acetate in different colors and thicknesses. It's reasonably priced and you can cut it down as needed. AND you can use a coupon!


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Posted: 11/23/2012 7:00:10 AM
ACM sells bazzill 12x12 acetate sheets, which you can find in with their 12x12 scrap paper. You could cut that to make masks out of...

Also, Js online sells various weight acetate (Grafix brand).


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Posted: 11/23/2012 7:10:54 AM
wow! another awesome idea! this place is just a goldmine!!!

i never even thought of trying to make stencils/masks with a cutter.


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Posted: 11/23/2012 11:29:49 AM
Last week I accidentally cut clean through my mat, so yeah, I'd say it's possible. I was accidentally still using the settings for double-sided adhesive with only a normal sheet of pp.

Now what?

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Posted: 11/23/2012 12:42:20 PM
COOL! Thanks ladies for all of the tips and hints.


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Posted: 11/23/2012 3:11:13 PM

Yea, my sister went to Staples to buy some transparencies, but they wanted $50 for a box! YIKES!
Watch for the deals from Staples. I got a whole box for 22 bucks with coupons and specials.

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Posted: 11/23/2012 3:18:56 PM
You can easily cut stencils from transparencies. I have cut rhinestone templates to use as stencils for liquid pearl flourishes. I got a free swirl shape once and it turned out well
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