Printing pics at home..what is your PRINTER OF CHOICE??

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Posted 12/4/2012 by borcherding in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 12/4/2012 1:01:07 PM
Ladies, I think I've come to the conclusion that the ONLY way for be to do Project Life or DD is to be able to print pictures at my convenience. In fact, I've resorted to using my instamax camera thingy so I instantly have my picture for the day or there would be NO WAY i could do this album. So, my thought process is that I need a decent printer I could use at home in order to be successful for project life next year. I can't tell you the number of times I've attempted PL and I think I've finally realized that my major hangup was the PHOTOS. I can journal almost every day but the photos I think is what I am having issues with...any recommendations for a good printer at a decent price?? thanks ladies!!


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Posted: 12/4/2012 1:09:22 PM
I just bought a Selphy for the very same reason! With it I can print directly from my iPhone

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Posted: 12/4/2012 1:24:47 PM
I have an Epson Picturemate that I love.

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Posted: 12/4/2012 2:03:19 PM
I have the picturemate. I love it!

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Posted: 12/4/2012 2:13:32 PM
I'd get a Canon Selphy. Great photos!


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Posted: 12/4/2012 2:44:34 PM can use the Selphy thing with your iphone???!!! Me likes the sound of that!!


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Posted: 12/4/2012 2:45:46 PM
Okay, looked on Amazon..which model Selphy are you referring too??


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Posted: 12/4/2012 3:07:09 PM
I agree with you...the ONLY reason my project life is up to date is because I can print pictures at home!

I have the Picturemate Charm and I love it. I debated between it and the Selphy and the Charm won out because I can print matte photos. The Selphy can only print in glossy but has the very desirable wireless feature. It just depends what your preferences are.

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Posted: 12/4/2012 3:14:22 PM
The inability to print from home is a key reason why my PL album is nearly empty.

But I just bought a new printer! I needed a new printer/scanner for general purposes, but that would also print quality photos. So I just bought an Epson Artisan 730. I wish it would print wider than 8.5", but I didn't have the budget for a wide format. Anyway, it is wireless, and I can print directly from my iPhone or any computer in my house. I love it. It would still be nice to have a small, portable printer, but I wouldn't use it enough to justify the cost.


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Posted: 12/4/2012 3:14:49 PM


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Posted: 12/4/2012 4:14:52 PM
Oh dear!! The SELPHY only prints glossy?! Ugh!! I am a matte girl. Now I have to check out the Charm printer. Lol! You guys are so helpful!! Thanks everyone!!

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Posted: 12/4/2012 4:25:14 PM
I have Canon PIXMA Pro9000, I like it.


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Posted: 12/4/2012 4:35:52 PM
I just bought a canon pixma mx432 it's an all in one fax, printer/photo printer & scanner! Got it from best buy after Black Friday for $50 with free shipping.. It's awesome I can print any size photo on any kind of photo paper! It's wireless so no cords (except the plug) and I can print wireless from my iPhone,iPad and camera! Best $50 I have ever spent! I wanted something more then just a small 4x6 photo printer! The color and clarity of the prints are pro quality! Honestly it's all in the paper and ink!



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Posted: 12/4/2012 7:42:21 PM
$50 Jennifer?? WOWZERS!! Now, I gotta check that out at BestBuy cause I have a $30 gift card and that would make it only $20..EVEN BETTER!!! off to check that one out now also!!!


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Posted: 12/4/2012 7:53:31 PM
@Jennifer...can you print photos smaller than 4x6? I don't see that on the description on Amazon... Also, was the set up EASY? I get frustrated easily when it comes to "computer issues".. LOL!!


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Posted: 12/4/2012 8:11:35 PM
Epson Picturemate Charm.
Having this printer is the only reason I'm able to keep up with PL! I love the ease of use and print quality.

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Posted: 12/4/2012 8:34:58 PM
I have the Epson Picturemate Charm and Love it!! I don't do PL but it has changed my scrapbooking!!



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