How you know when it is time to get organized

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Posted 12/28/2012 by Shih Tzu Mommy in General Scrappin'

Shih Tzu Mommy
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Posted: 12/28/2012 2:50:08 PM
I got a Workbox earlier this month and have been moving into it, but I have made a few false starts, pulling everything out and starting over a few times as I think about how I want to utilize the space.

I realized things needed to get done when I wondered aloud "Where is that paper!?" and my cockatiel started saying "Where is that paper? Where is that paper?" over and over. Clearly, I have been saying it a great deal the past 2 weeks because he isn't even in my studio, but in the next room over and he is not a quick one to pick up on new phrases/words.

So I have GOT to get this done, who knows what else I have said that he might be picking up on, lol?

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Posted: 12/28/2012 2:55:22 PM
too funny---- at least he's not cursing!!

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Posted: 12/28/2012 2:59:59 PM
Oh my gosh, that is hilarious. Smart bird!


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Posted: 12/28/2012 3:03:28 PM


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Posted: 12/28/2012 3:12:32 PM
that's too funny.

Chocolate......who needs a reason?!

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Posted: 12/28/2012 6:18:47 PM
Funny bird!

My first thought when I read your post was where did you look for the paper the first time? That's where you should put it because that is how you think. For example, if you were looking for a pink floral paper, did you look in floral paper, or did you look in pink paper? Did you look by manufacturer or did you look by how you were going to use it (for a LO about a particular person, for example)? Pay attention to your internal thought process when you are looking for something that you can't find. I bet it would give you some insights into how you should organize things in the first place.

I know that some people advocate organizing by color. I don't always think like that. (The only exception is with cardstock.) I think by product. I look at a LO and think "Oh, I need a flower there." I don't think "Oh, I need something pink there." Lots of times it's the same way with paper for me, so I have my paper organized by type...florals, stripes, kids, Christmas, etc. If I have two pieces of the same paper and I might think of it in two different ways, then I put it in both places. If I only have one piece of the paper but think of it in two ways, then I try to think of a possible LO for it and put it away in that spot so I can easily find it later.

I hope this helps. (and made sense! Sometimes I'm not always clear in my posts!)

Sherry C

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Posted: 12/28/2012 6:42:14 PM

Shih Tzu Mommy
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Posted: 12/29/2012 7:48:55 AM

My first thought when I read your post was where did you look for the paper the first time?
If I had not pulled it all out and made a number of 2 ft tall piles, I would be in good shape. But I finally decided that I was going to do it by manufacturer and keep all the collections together.

But at one point I had done it ROYGBIV (which is still how I am doing my CS) and so I've been looking for a piece with blue and green to put in say my Basic Grey 'bin', I will ask myself "Where is that paper!?" but once I have the Workbox loaded, I think I'll never ask that again. LOL.

Dog people are a special breed!

Nicole in TX
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Posted: 12/29/2012 8:24:18 AM
Thanks for making me smile!


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Posted: 12/29/2012 8:25:52 AM
That's hilarious!

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