I should know how to do this but..

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Posted 1/15/2013 by HoneyBee13 in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 1/15/2013 1:08:19 PM
Dont! How do you put a badge under your name.
I have taken quite a few classes and still dont know how to put those
at the bottom of the thread. Sorry not very tech savvy!

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Posted: 1/15/2013 1:57:36 PM
Mine just appear. Not sure how to do it manually!

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Posted: 1/15/2013 2:01:10 PM
You have to be here a year to get the anniversary badge.

Some folks make a signature line filled with their badges and store it on photobucket. I don't know how to do that.

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Posted: 1/15/2013 3:06:45 PM
For the badges I have in my signature, I copy and pasted the URL/code provided by the person who made them, then inserted into my signature on my profile page.

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Posted: 1/18/2013 8:54:51 PM
Try putting in a trouble ticket. I've never had to do anything to have a badge show up.

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Posted: 1/18/2013 10:50:57 PM
You don't make one for under your pea name. Those appear when you've been here a year on your pea-versary and when you've participated in events or classes here

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