Any idea when we can see OA full reveal???
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Posted: 1/27/2013 11:39:48 PM
just wondering.....


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Posted: 1/28/2013 1:06:46 AM
I am dying to see it also and I want to know when it will ACTUALLY be in stores. I love their stuff


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Posted: 1/28/2013 8:25:12 AM
Some time next year. lol!


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Posted: 1/28/2013 8:34:04 AM
What's OA?

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Posted: 1/28/2013 8:39:07 AM
October Afternoon


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Posted: 1/28/2013 9:10:48 AM
I KNOW! Come on OA~ We're dying here to see your new collections!

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Posted: 1/28/2013 10:16:51 AM
Coming soon ... watch for them within the next two weeks!


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Posted: 1/28/2013 10:24:54 AM
I can't wait! These were the only lines I wanted to buy this CHA. Mainly the phrase roller stamps!


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Posted: 1/28/2013 12:17:40 PM
Sometimes I think they should just skip a season to catch up with the rest of the manufacturers. They are always late. I can't figure out if they are always in a panic because they are behind or if they are behind because they never panic.

I love their lines and I buy them regualarly regardless of when they come out. I just think they do themselves a disservice by not keeping up with the pack.


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Posted: 1/28/2013 12:20:17 PM
I {LOVE} their stuff too and I am patiently waiting! If only they knew how hard that is.


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Posted: 1/28/2013 11:00:15 PM
Really like OA.....


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Posted: 1/29/2013 1:30:19 AM
Curious too ...

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Posted: 1/29/2013 3:58:28 AM
I still can't believe they haven't atleast showed us there full reveal yet.. Especially considering CHA is over and other company's are already releasing there products! I love OA I jus wish they where faster with this stuff! I want the daily collection like right now



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Posted: 1/29/2013 5:46:08 AM
I know I love what I have seen so far! And this time, I think they have a good reason for being a bit behind...a lot of their staff was sick with the flu, even hospitalized!

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Posted: 1/29/2013 7:26:40 AM
Sometimes I think they should just skip a season to catch up with the rest of the manufacturers. [/quote

I find that I do this myself when it comes to OA.

I don't even bother opening the sneak peek threads because I know it will be forever before I can buy any of it.

I just check out the OA on any website I am buying from and when something new shows up, it's a nice surprise.

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