Travel Album - what Album and what embellishments would you use

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Posted 1/29/2013 by lindalu in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 1/29/2013 7:04:49 AM
My nephew (he's 20) recently won an international collegiate archery competition in Spain. He asked me to make him a scrapbook from his trip - Because of the volume of photos I'm thinking of using the Simple Stories line of album and page protectors where I can scrap some pages but just add photos with captions and also journaling cards - there are lots of things I've pulled off Facebook that can be condensed unto journaling cards.

My second choice would probably be the Project life page protectors and go for the same type combo of scrapping and photos but I've never been good at scrapping 12x12.

What do you think of this approach and also what would be your choice for travel embellishments - favorite lines or just favorite individual embellishments across lines. Thanks much. Lindalu


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Posted: 1/29/2013 7:23:38 AM
i usually do the 4x6 ctmh flip flop pages protectors and add them to the regular 12x12 if there are lots of photos but that is just me

did wld you use the wrm album they are sturdier and you can add more pages GOOD LUCKas far as embeliles go to scrap your trip but make use of your cricut and do lots of titles

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Posted: 1/29/2013 9:18:49 AM
Can I just say that I am in awe that your nephew requested a scrapbook?!
That's pretty awesome!

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Posted: 1/29/2013 9:22:44 AM
I use the same 2 albums for my travels- Aqua WRMK for ocean/water trips and Kiwi WRMK for land/mountain/road trips. I don't use themed albums. Now, for a gift album of someone else's trip, I like the Brown Travel post bound albums from Joann's. I don't remember the brand at the moment.

As for embellishments, I use flowers for tropical, then anything else travel related. I do NOT use too many travel themed papers, though. So, yes, but not all. For me, it's more about the color pallet I want to use.

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Posted: 1/29/2013 10:23:07 AM
I don't like to use to much travel themed embellishments so I like to use map paper and camera embellishments (I use cameras on everything, but especially travel because i'm taking pictures on everything). Studio calico has some great map papers in abroad and wood veneer and mistable cameras.


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Posted: 1/29/2013 11:05:09 AM
I only scrap mini travel album (besides PL).

I usually make it 6x8, and use a mix of page protectors and pictures printed on cardstock (via persnickety now) and simple paper. I don't add many embellishments, just tags, labels, some wood veneer, maybe some stickers. That's because I add TONS of memorabilia, and when I say TONS, I really mean it. I bring home with me receipts, maps, tickets.. and they all goes inside. I make photo collages in Photoshop, this way I can print like 4-6 pictures a time. I just bind them with (big) binder ring, so I can add stuff whenever I like. Sometimes I print a bigger pictures 12x8 and cut it in half to make 2 6x8 pages that go close to each other. I journal on pictures too.

Can't wait to see what you'll be making, your nephew will tresure the album!

btw sorry for my english

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Posted: 1/30/2013 11:02:23 AM
Elphalba, I surprised him with a 3x3 album when he competed for the world games his Freshman year of college. He didn't make the team and I didn't think he even paid that much attention to the book. The following year he made the world team and represented the USA in Spain (the bow he shoots will not be an Olympic event until the 2016 Olympics). He brought home ticket stubs, receipts, banners, t-shirts traded with other athletes, photos, and three medals (two gold and one silver) - he handed it all to me and asked for a scrapbook. I was thrilled - despite the 100s of photos.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I think I am going to scrap a 6x8 page and see how that goes and then decide if I can really get by with the Simple Stories albums or if I need to look at some of the other great suggestions. Linda
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