Scrapbook EXPO 2013 Anaheim, CA

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Posted 1/31/2013 by charmstan in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 1/31/2013 7:04:30 PM
I am thinking of going this Saturday (it's my first time to attend such an event), any thoughts from anyone? I will be going there to see if there's any inexpensive materials that I can buy to add to the stuff that I currently have.

PS: Am a newbie scrapbook and card maker, as well as two peas member. Received a Cuttlebug last Christmas and been looking online for ideas, where it took me here.


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Posted: 1/31/2013 7:47:16 PM
Sounds like heaps of fun. I would suggest taking lots of money

xoxoxo Sarah

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Posted: 1/31/2013 8:27:00 PM
Have fun! Welcome to Peas!

What kind of scrappy stuff are you looking for? I currently have a ton listed on OC Craig's list. I might be able to save you a ton of money.

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Posted: 1/31/2013 8:43:52 PM
i forgot all about this expo. i used to go yearly when it was at the fair grounds and only once after it moved to anaheim. then i kind of lost interest. the vendors didn't seem as many. anyone else still going? tell us how it was

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Posted: 1/31/2013 9:18:19 PM
I'm too worn out from CHA and I usually go to Carson Stamping during the year and the October SBE in Ontario so I am skipping.


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Posted: 1/31/2013 9:29:52 PM
Papersilly I'm with you. I totally forgot it was this weekend. I haven't been since they moved from the fairgrounds. Not thrilled with having to pay the extra gas, parking fee and the entrance fee. No money left to buy goodies with.


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Posted: 1/31/2013 10:17:30 PM
skipping this year too, I'll wait until Oct when its back in Ontario.
I feel like Chris does, too much for parking etc.


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Posted: 1/31/2013 11:22:29 PM
I went today and although it is getting a bit smaller every year, I really liked it a lot. There was lots of older product of course,at GREAT prices and a few vendors had brand new lines as well. There seemed to be fewer strictly scrapbooking companies and a lot more stamping Stamps of LIfe. Overall, Scrap That! was my favorite for best product at best prices! I'm on a gold glitter thing now, and Me and My Big Ideas had great letter packs.
If you arrive early, they do quite a few giveaways in line while you are waiting to get in. Hope you have fun & bring a shoulder tote large enought to hold 12 x 12, that way you will have 2 hands free to search through everything!



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Posted: 2/1/2013 12:15:40 AM
If you like shopping in a "home depot" type environment, with the absolute worst food vendors on the planet, very dated product at semi reasonable prices, and pre-made page kits, then you will be happy as a pig in "you know what"! LOL!

I went last year and was unimpressed, if you couldn't tell. I did get some product from a retailer i usually shop at online, and a couple places with some good prices on Sizzix stuff, but I wouldn't go back. It wasn't very large either. I thought it was this HUGE expo, but it was tiny. The area they had set aside for cropping was larger than the vendor area.

I know someone who likes to go for the classes. I didn't take any, but maybe if you enjoy that, then it might be worth it.

Just being honest....just not for me. I'm glad I went so I saw it, but as i said, once was enough. I'd rather spend my cash on the new CHA stuff.
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Posted: 2/1/2013 2:22:31 AM
Thanks for all the input...guess I'll be sleeping in this Saturday

Is the Ontario one better?

*chrispeas: am looking for something I can use for my Cuttlebug. I was so impressed with all the stuff that it can do, that I figured I should start investing in "templates and embossing" items to use you have some?

*smcl: I went to MAMBI's warehouse sale last year and was able to get some papers, so I think I have enough to start my "projects" with

*liannallama: Any info/website on the Carson Stamping?

Thanks again everyone!

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Posted: 2/1/2013 4:35:14 PM
I was there yesterday...and by far, out of all the years I've been going to expo's (10+) this year was THE SMALLEST.

I got a lot of great deals on paper...scored on MME .25 paper (all lost and found, miss caroline and the two other lines that came out at the same time).

Authentique (the red, dark blue/light line) for .50 and OA paper, 9to5 and cakewalk for .50

Fore *me* that was great because I don't usually purchase lines throughout the year because I can't stand paying 1.25+ for a sheet a paper, and 3.99+ for chipboard die cuts and so on and so on.

Having said that though...the expo still left a lot to be desired. I miss the days of the huge expo where most booths were MANUFACTURER booths, where you get to meet and greet and talk about the actual product vs. the expo of today which are mostly online scrap stores.

I still remember being in a tattered angels booth as they demo'd this fun, water based, glittered solution called: GLIMMER MIST!! and they honestly didn't know how well it would do, but they stood behind the product and concept and just went with it!

I think CHA really took a lot of the momentum away from travelling expo's and I 'get' why that was done.

My one regret was NOT purchasing the QK CIRCLE PINKING dies. I was on my way out when I spotted them and was too tired to go back. I thought, "meh, I'll buy them online somewhere with a coupon." Little did I know these are "oh so ever coveted" and sold out everywhere

If it continues to shrink, it'll be my last year going. I'll even say the expo advertising wasn't very truthful...some of the sponsors to the event weren't even there.

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Posted: 2/1/2013 5:48:57 PM
I won't be wasting my time or money.
I don't like that its so much smaller than it used to be. And having to drive further and pay a lot for parking stinks.

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Posted: 2/1/2013 5:50:36 PM
The one in Anaheim is the first for the year and this round of product, I have heard that by the time it gets to Ontario in the fall it is very picked over.


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