Didn't know 2peas would help me find...
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Posted: 2/3/2013 4:27:38 PM
My favorite bra!! Thanks to the forum and the conversation about scrapping in your bra (to scrap in the evening without being tired) I took the recommendation from a poster and found a new bra!
Now, two peas is not only responsible for my scrapbook indulgences but also my intimate apparel shopping as well!

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Posted: 2/3/2013 4:41:04 PM
Oh boy, I hear Penny in this post!

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Posted: 2/3/2013 4:45:55 PM
I was not expecting to see bra as what 2Peas helped you find.

That is unexpected. I missed the bra scrapping post!

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Posted: 2/3/2013 5:34:31 PM
I missed it, too. Link please? I need a new bra. (seriously!)


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Posted: 2/3/2013 5:39:18 PM

Happiness looks good on everyone!


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Posted: 2/3/2013 6:19:20 PM
That thread made me so sad! Are you all really wearing such uncomfortable bras? I too am rarely without a bra - I don't sleep in one anymore, but I did for most of my bra-needing life (granted, I'm just 20). I actually miss my bra if I go braless for more than 30 minutes or so. At the end of a very long day = 12 or 14 hours - I sometimes need to take it off for a little while to relax, but I inevitably put it back on.

But I won't say I'm not jealous of the small-breasted folk who don't really need to wear bras at all - as a raging feminist, were it not uncomfortable, I probably wouldn't ever wear a bra.

I'm a small-to-proportionate D or DD given that I'm, uh, perhaps two or three of what I "should" be for my height and age. Even then I can hardly sit up straight without a bra! The girls are heavy!!

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Posted: 2/3/2013 6:20:36 PM


That's QUEEN Paper Peep to you!

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