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Posted 2/8/2013 by passion4scrappin in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 2/8/2013 11:17:46 AM
offer free shipping on discounted items?

Going Up

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Posted: 2/8/2013 11:22:39 AM
I've never seen it. Probably because it's already marked down so you won't get the best of both worlds ya know.

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Sugar Snap Pea

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Posted: 2/8/2013 11:23:32 AM
If you have at least fifty dollars worth of non discounted items, you can include as many discounted items in the free shipping as you want. I have never seen free shipping for just discounted items.


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Posted: 2/8/2013 3:42:43 PM
They offer free shipping on any purchase $50 or more whether its $50 on full price items or discounted items you will still get free shipping with their promo code found in their emails!

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