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Posted 2/25/2013 by Jamie Sorenson in General Scrappin'

Jamie Sorenson

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Posted: 2/25/2013 1:24:56 PM
I wanted to post a reminder regarding how the message board is meant to be used. I have had to delete several threads and peamail members on a daily basis recently due to postings that do not comply with our Terms of Use. My impression is that there is a general unawareness of our Terms of Use; this is just a friendly reminder of what is and is not okay to post!

I will not go over our entire Terms of Use, please click the link to read it in its entirety. What I want to address is posts being made that encourage readers to shop elsewhere. We don't expect you to buy all of your papercrafting supplies from our store alone (though we would really love that! ), however, we do ask that you respect that Two Peas in a Bucket is not just a community, but a store. The free message board we offer is a place to connect and discuss scrapbooking with other crafters. It was never meant to be a place to share the coupons and deals you're seeing at competing sites or other stores. Here is a general list of examples of what is and is not okay to post:

What is okay:
* I just bought the new Amy Tangerine collection and love scrapbooking with it!

What is not okay:
* Did you see xyz store has this new Amy Tangerine product? Scoop it up now!

What is okay:
* I just added 10 new rolls of washi tape to my collection!

What is not okay:
* I found washi tape at a deep discount. Go run to xyz store and pick it up!
* You added 10 new rolls of washi tape to your collection. Where did you buy it?
* Posting pictures of washi tape that you've seen in a competing store in our gallery.

What is okay:
* What products would you recommend purchasing for this project I'm working on?

What is not okay:
* Have you ordered from xyz store before? Where do you recommend shopping?
* I would recommend using this product for your project. You can buy it at xyz store!
* I know of a great store that sells what you're looking for. PeaMail me!

I realize some posts are made about product that we do not carry or currently have in stock. We ask that you still not make posts of this nature. If you are unsure if your post complies with our Terms of Use, just ask yourself if what you are wanting to share would encourage a reader to click away from Two Peas or to spend their scrapping budget elsewhere. If so, we ask that you not share it.

Thanks so much for your understanding. If you have a question or if you feel there is a post being made like this, please peamail me!

~ jamie

two peas community + education manager

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