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Posted 3/2/2013 by NavyMom in General Scrappin'


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August 2002
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Posted: 3/2/2013 9:23:25 AM
I am LOVING everything Pebbles! I don't know if it's the bright colors or the great design team but I am a huge fan. Scrapbooking is always changing and what is current is not always my forte. But there is always a bright light - for me its Pebble's, Inc.


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January 2009
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Posted: 3/2/2013 9:30:56 AM
I am loving Pebbles lately, too! In fact, I just used some of their new product in my project life video for next Saturday

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April 2003
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Posted: 3/2/2013 9:42:30 AM
I am too, and for me it is the vibrant but rich colors.

Lilith Eeckels

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March 2005
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Posted: 3/2/2013 9:49:16 AM
LOVE pebbles too!


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Garden Girl

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November 2005
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Posted: 3/2/2013 10:44:32 AM
I heart Pebbles with a big old puffy heart! They just keep getting better and better!!

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February 2007
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Posted: 3/2/2013 10:48:34 AM
yup, me too. They have been my new favorite the last 2 releases. That Seen and Noted ....whew! I cant get enough!

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January 2005
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Loc: Madison, WI

Posted: 3/2/2013 10:49:28 AM
I have been having so much fun creating with their newest releases!! I can't wait to dig into my "Love You More" this wekend!!

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November 2003
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Posted: 3/2/2013 10:53:57 AM
I've been loving them, too!!! I have most of their new lines in my cart, waiting, while I decide..

I love how bright and clean their patterns are. Nice small patterns, nothing super busy. And no distressing!

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August 2002
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Posted: 3/2/2013 8:29:52 PM
Can't wait to see your projects Ladies. I love to be "creative by example!"


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April 2009
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Posted: 3/2/2013 9:06:41 PM
I'm loving them too! I was working on my PL with my 4yr old and she kept wanting to use all the journaling cards.

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December 2004
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Posted: 3/2/2013 9:06:48 PM

I love how bright and clean their patterns are. Nice small patterns, nothing super busy. And no distressing!



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April 2010
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Posted: 3/2/2013 9:35:03 PM

Sarah Webb

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March 2006
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Posted: 3/2/2013 9:53:27 PM
I like the clean colours and lack of distressing too!

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December 2004
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Posted: 3/2/2013 10:12:51 PM
I bought several sheets of the Seen and Noted line when it came out. Loved it but it just didn't fit any of the pics I happened to be scrapping. Until this afternoon! It was perfect for a pic of my FIL's birthday. Now I am in love with it all over again.

I am now looking for my next set of pics to use it on!

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May 2011
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Posted: 3/2/2013 10:53:44 PM
Glitter Girl is the one who introduced me to Pebbles and their pretty stuff

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February 2005
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Posted: 3/4/2013 7:19:58 PM
Pebbles, Inc. definitely came out with some fabulous lines at CHA-W this January! I really love their Seen and Noted line.



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January 2013
Posts: 266
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Posted: 3/4/2013 8:42:46 PM
I am another Pebbles fan - have been for years! The colors are awesome and they are so fun and easy to work with!

What are you looking at?

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August 2010
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Posted: 3/4/2013 9:31:30 PM
I'm loving them, too!


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November 2005
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Posted: 3/5/2013 4:27:12 AM
Love this thread and so happy there are so many of you happy with their old and new lines!! I have been in love with them for a long time and luckily they are kind enough to keep me around for so long on the team! Hands down one of the best teams I've ever been on!


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August 2005
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Posted: 3/5/2013 5:37:19 AM
Another fan here too. I have loved them for a long time.

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December 2002
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Posted: 3/5/2013 5:42:00 AM
Their "P" boards are beautiful, too. I love almost every single layout on there.


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March 2002
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Posted: 3/5/2013 6:21:03 AM
What an awesome thread to wake up to this morning. I am so happy to hear how much you all enjoy Pebbles products. As part of the Pebbles team, let me just say thank you so much for all of the for Pebbles!


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Garden Girl

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September 2002
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Posted: 3/5/2013 6:27:02 AM
I've always been a fan of Pebbles as well.

Jen Gallacher

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August 2002
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Posted: 3/5/2013 7:53:07 AM
I am so happy that I have so much wonderful company in the Pebbles fan club. I am not familiar with the "P board" and will search for it. The Love You More Boy line is my new favorite ever. Enjoy Ladies!
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