I am so done with Strap Hinged Albums!

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Posted 3/3/2013 by StreetScrapper in General Scrappin'

7 years to get here... So now what?

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Posted: 3/3/2013 8:26:20 AM
I just completed a layout and had to move a few of the other layouts around in the strap hinged album (that was once post bound) to accommodate it. The album is full but by no means "busting at the seams" like some of my others... The back piece of the album ripped, every one of the strap hinged thingy came off and inserting the layout and "fixing" the album suddenly ate 30 minutes of my time! Last week I inserted a layout into one of my 3 ring albums. Moving a couple of the pages around to accommodate it took about 30 seconds! That's it! I'm done with post bound and strap hinged albums. I'm on my way to M's in about 10 minutes to pick up another 3 ring so that I can toss this old post bound piece of (#*(#($ in the trash!

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Posted: 3/3/2013 8:29:24 AM
I am slowly switching to 3ring binders because of the same reason.

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Posted: 3/3/2013 8:44:19 AM
I switched about five years ago for the same reason and have never thought about going back.

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Posted: 3/3/2013 8:46:31 AM
I understand the problem but I can not stand the 'gap' between the pages and the school notebook 'feeling'

Guess I will just have to suffer through and try to only add pages when I really need to. Let them pile up and do a bunch at once

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Posted: 3/3/2013 9:00:38 AM
I switched a few years back, too. I don't necessarily like the gap either. I recently saw where someone stitched the page protectors together so there is no gap on some of her 2 page layouts. Not a bad idea, but I am too lazy.

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Posted: 3/3/2013 9:00:40 AM
I love the CM albums, and have used them from the beginning. I've thought about switching them, but...1. I don't know what I'd do about the pages in my early albums where I wallpapered my LO's on the CM insert pages, and 2. I don't know how happy I'd be with the wide gap between pages in 3-ring.


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February 2013
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Posted: 3/3/2013 10:46:39 AM
I switched years ago, best move ever! I found my pages would sit around because I didn't want the "hassle" of putting them in the book. With the 3 ring style, they are popped in right away and easy to move if I need to.

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January 2009
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Posted: 3/3/2013 10:52:52 AM
I think 3 rings are great for that very reason, but I too can not stand the gap so I just remain frustrated but happy with the finished albums. I don't care too much if things are in exact order so I don't insert often, and that helps, also, I decided to not put as many pages in each album and just have more albums. That helped a bunch with the frustration.


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Posted: 3/3/2013 11:12:12 AM
I think that's why all of us switched! So much easier!

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Posted: 3/3/2013 12:14:30 PM
I switched to 3 ring when I made the cross over to Stacy Julian's Library of Memories system. Love it!
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7 years to get here... So now what?

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Posted: 3/3/2013 12:22:29 PM
The gap doesn't bother me in the least. I actually switched over two of my daughter's albums last year and I really love the ease of adding and removing pages. I have no idea why I didn't switch them all! I will now!

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Posted: 3/3/2013 12:23:39 PM
I love the CM albums and don't think I could ever use anything else. I tried the 3 ring binders, but just didn't like them. My pages tend to be very heavy, so they sag when standing vertically on a bookcase. This doesn't happen with the CM pages, though, because it has that piece on the end. I have considered switching many times because it's cheaper and the We R Memory Keepers albums come in such pretty colors, but I know I won't be happy with them.

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January 2013
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Posted: 3/3/2013 12:25:35 PM
I never used those and I know I don't want to - thanks for the heads up!

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Posted: 3/3/2013 12:42:38 PM
Almost every album has its pluses and minuses. I use 3 ring almost exclusively; I do have a few post bound. The rings do get bent or pull open.

The best quality post bound I have ever seen over the years is CTMH. I don't sell it, never did, but they have the CM quality in a postbound style.

However, I am and always have been a 3 ring girl, with some problem albums but over all I am happy.

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Posted: 3/3/2013 1:22:20 PM
I was going to switch to the 3 ring from from CM , but I hate the way the 3 ring albums pages sag. Then there is that big gap. then there is the big gap on the top (if you do a more bulky page) that gets all dusty.

To solve the switching around problem, I put the page protector on the page. Then I can slip a completed LO in or back out easily. I no longer glue down my LOs to my CM pages.

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Posted: 3/3/2013 1:55:47 PM
Love 3-ring albums!

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February 2009
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Posted: 3/3/2013 3:37:08 PM
I don't like 3 ring albums because of the gap, and I hate the strap hinge type and would never use one. I'll stick to post bound, it is a bit tiresome to insert new pages, but it's a price I'm willing to pay.

I got a 3 ring last year at a big discount when I joined a direct selling company (part of the joining kit), but am using it as a work in progress\storage album - somewhere to house the layouts until I finish the album, so if I want to add extra pages, I can do it before puting them into the PB.

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