Washi tape
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chocolate scrapper

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Posted: 3/3/2013 5:29:54 PM
I dont get the big deal?


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Posted: 3/3/2013 5:47:02 PM
What I love about it is:

- It's cheap, and you can't say that very often about scrapping supplies!
- It comes in literally hundreds of colours and patterns, so even if a paper collection doesn't include washi, you can find something that matches. I only have about 20 rolls, but I shopped carefully when I chose them, and I've always been able to find something that co-ordinates with my layout.
- It's much easier than a border punch or sticker, because you can do so much with a roll before it runs out, and it takes 2 seconds to put it on a page
- It's repositionable. I'm indecisive. I can't tell you how many layouts I've damaged when I changed my mind about where a border should be, or if I wanted to put another layer of paper on under a border.
- It's translucent, so it's a nice, subtle addition to embellishments, which doesn't completely hide the pretty paper.
- And it has so many other uses....stencilling with mist? Washi is perfect for sticking the mask in place. Sending a card or letter? - it's a lovely but simple addition to the envelope. Tidying up supplies -I wrap little pieces around my ribbon to keep it rolled up and tidy.

I love my washi tape


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Posted: 3/3/2013 5:47:23 PM
I don't know that it is a "big deal" so much as a product people like.

Here is what I like about it:

I am ribbon challenged. I have a hard time with adhering it, I can't make bows, it unravels, etc. I use washi like a lot of people use ribbon.

You get a ton on a roll so I don't hoard it.

It is (usually) translucent which makes it fun to layer. It adds pattern and color without bulk. It rips so I don't have to measure and cut. It is repositionable. It comes in a ton of patterns.

Because it is plentiful, easy and repositionable it is also great for holding things in place like dies and LO elements too.

If you have a ton of ribbon or border stickers in your stash that you love, and you don't want washi, don't buy any That doesn't apply to me!
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Posted: 3/3/2013 6:05:02 PM
You know I was like you , didn't get all the hype didn't have any & Offcourse didn't use any on my LOs. But once I started buying them ( thanks to the peas for great sources) I Love it!!! Its cheap & comes in SO many different colors & patterns & if you look at the gallery you will see different people using it different ways.

And if its still not your cup of tea , no biggie

Live life !


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Posted: 3/3/2013 9:20:25 PM
I love washi! It's kinds like pattern paper but has repositionable adhesive. You can even get in 12x12 sheets and different patterns and colors.


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Posted: 3/3/2013 9:38:59 PM
I like washi because one of my big projects every year are calendars that I make 8 of, so things like washi, ribbon and images i cut on my cricut, or items print myself are important parts of those projects, when I need to save money.


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Posted: 3/3/2013 9:43:55 PM
I did not understand Washi tape either. I bought the We R Memory Keepers bundle and I have used it quite often. I used it as a border on 3 or 4 cards, and recently on a home decor project. I made a St. Patrick's Day word collage, and the only 12 by 12 frame that I had was red. I used green washi tape around the frame, and now I have a green frame that is easy to remove when I want to.


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Posted: 3/3/2013 10:24:01 PM
I suggest buying some and checking it out for yourself, I'm glad I did!! washi!!
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