WRMK album metal corners-problematic or not?

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Posted 3/14/2013 by x2mom in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 3/14/2013 2:27:24 PM
Those corners look sharp. For those that use them, have they ever scratched your book
shelf or table top? I like the way they look, but wish they offered a version without the
metal corners. I don't think I'd want to lay them on my leather furniture for fear of
puncturing or scratching the leather.

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Posted: 3/14/2013 3:01:18 PM
I have one WRMK album and the metal corner did scratch my bookshelf. It's now in the "to be sold" box.

I needed one 3 ring binder for a class I was taking so I switched to an American Crafts binder, but used the WRMK page protectors (they are clearer).

Debbie in MD.


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Posted: 3/14/2013 3:13:39 PM
This is another reason why I wasn't crazy about these binders. They scratched up my shelves almost every time I took them out or put them back in.


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Posted: 3/14/2013 3:18:08 PM
I did scratch my DR table when I slid an album over. I was pretty upset with myself! I am just careful now, because I really like the look of the metal corners. I store my albums in my Expedit and don't mind if I get a scratch on the shelf. I actually have NOT gotten any scratches on the Expedit, yet.

Edited - actually it WASN'T the metal corner that scratched my DR table, it was the metal bracket on the spine...I had the book open when I slid it out of the way.



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February 2004
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Posted: 3/14/2013 3:48:45 PM
Lynn, I hadn't even thought about the bracket being a problem.


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Posted: 3/14/2013 8:34:20 PM
The BH binders have metal corners as well and if mine get pushed all the way back on my Expedit then the metal corner gets hung up and I have to wiggle it up (they are on the top shelf and above my head height so that's hard!) to get it uncaught.

- Leashah
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Posted: 3/14/2013 9:17:12 PM
Went and checked mine out and sure enough the edge of the metal could scratch a surface. I have two that are in creation process and I will think of maybe using some linen or something under so that they don't. It is just me so odds are it wouldn't be a problem but accidents do happen in my world a lot.

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Posted: 3/15/2013 8:28:52 AM
I checked my shelf, and there are no scratches from the corners.

However, my desk, where I scrap, is scratched up from the metal bookplate on the spine. Oops. Luckily my desk is already a disaster from years of crafting on it.

But if I were to give it to someone to look at at a table, I'd slide a placemat under it or something.

I like the albums very much, so I'm just going to have to be extra careful with them. Thanks for pointing out the issue. I might not have noticed/thought of it on my own.


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Posted: 3/15/2013 11:00:15 AM
So far so good but I am always afraid I am going to do this as well but I love the colors of these albums. I actually need to pick up a few more.


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Posted: 3/15/2013 1:14:39 PM
I was worried and it has not been a problem AT ALL.

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