Who's scrapping this fine Sunday?

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Posted 4/7/2013 by LolaLayout in General Scrappin'


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February 2012
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Posted: 4/7/2013 5:48:55 AM

I'm trying to get my Easter photos done this morning.

I made a pact with myself. I can laze around all morning, but when noon comes, I have to hop to my chore list and get it done before I can play in paper and washi anymore today. Then when my chores are completed - Scrap time again!

So, what are you scrapping today?

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June 2000
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Posted: 4/7/2013 5:55:49 AM
There is a Thanksgiving layout that has been on my desk for a couple of weeks that I would like to finish. After church and grocery shopping, I really need to clean my scrapping studio and unpack a couple of boxes from Two Peas. It will be good to at least be in my space working! I love having the windows open while I scrap. It will be a perfect day for that.

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August 2006
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Posted: 4/7/2013 6:09:44 AM
Me! I'm going to a 4 hour crop. That's a hard one for me as I am not a smart packer!!

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July 2001
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Posted: 4/7/2013 6:10:50 AM
I am! First some Easter love; then....Project Life.


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March 2001
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Posted: 4/7/2013 7:04:53 AM
I'm not doing any 'physical' scrapping. We got home yesterday afternoon from a week's vacation and so I'm uploading photos, and sorting out what I want to print, so I can put in an online order.



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February 2010
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Posted: 4/7/2013 7:08:38 AM
I will, if I have time after church and chores. I'm setting it as my reward - got to make sure I don't get carried away with the chores so there's no time left for scrapping!

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July 1999
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Posted: 4/7/2013 9:06:04 AM

I'm on the last day of a 3-day retreat....so I gotta pack a lot in today!


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January 2004
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Posted: 4/7/2013 9:13:22 AM

I'm making a bunch of owl embellishments and some baby giraffe tags. But first I need to pick up my pit of a scrapbook room. It is embarrassingly messy. Why can't I scrap neatly? I just don't get it.


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June 2010
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Loc: Florida

Posted: 4/7/2013 9:19:41 AM
Me! I have some tidying up to do in the rest of the condo first...then its off to my scrap room. I just cleaned up in there and my desk is completely empty so I am hoping that will help me to be creative...not having to work around the piles of junk!!



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April 2003
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Posted: 4/7/2013 10:01:47 AM
I am doing some stiching on a project life card and watching process videos and chilling. Should probably be doing chores


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November 2003
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Posted: 4/7/2013 11:04:05 AM
I am!


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January 2002
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Posted: 4/7/2013 11:16:18 AM
I have a multi-page PL spread I would like to finish up sometime today.


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January 2013
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Loc: B.C. Canada

Posted: 4/7/2013 11:46:10 AM
ME! Last day of a 4 day crop! My bestie and I were the last one to leave the crop room last night (3:30am), and one of the first ones back this morn at 9 am... I can't believe how much these ladies sleep, watch tv, soak in the hut tub, etc! When I go to a crop, I think like 80% of my time is in the scrap room!lol
Have a great sunday!


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January 2013
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Loc: B.C. Canada

Posted: 4/7/2013 11:49:35 AM
Got a little caught up in my little rant and forgot to say what I was scrappin!
I'm gonna work on some summer-y layouts - boating, camping, etc. The bright colors will off set the rainy cloudy-ness goin' on outside the windows! Plus I have some new Sn@p pads that are calling to me!

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June 2004
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Posted: 4/7/2013 11:49:59 AM
Well...I want to...but before I can I have to study for part of the day and organizing my scrap room and having it be a place I can actually scrap in comes first. I may do a couple things with my PL but that's a bout it really.

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June 2008
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Posted: 4/7/2013 11:54:49 AM
I am... it's cloudy and dreary here. A good day to stay inside. I'm working on my PL and Project Scrapiness...and maybe an art journal page if the mood strikes.

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November 2010
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Loc: Long Island, New York

Posted: 4/7/2013 12:53:55 PM
It's not really scrapbooking but I get to cut paper. Later today, I am making bookmarks to give as a gifts for some friends. We are all getting together for a long awaited girls' weekend.

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April 2004
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Posted: 4/7/2013 12:57:56 PM
I'm hoping to, if I can get motivated! I got a steroid shot and started on prednisone(again) this week, so I'm not feeling very good. But I want to start on my spring and summer birthday cards! And of course PL!



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June 2005
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Loc: OK

Posted: 4/7/2013 1:48:46 PM
I just finished up a layout and going back up to do some more. I got off to a late start today. Long tiring weekend.



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May 2010
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Posted: 4/7/2013 2:26:58 PM
I am! Just finished a Christmas 2012 layout that has been on my table for weeks. Now, on to Minute to Win It game night photos.


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January 2007
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Posted: 4/7/2013 2:38:13 PM
No, actual scrapbooking today as I have so much cleaning to do. But, I am doing some organizing of my memorabilia (going to put each month into a file folder and hope it works better. Currently I have it by event and its just too much. Some events only have one tiny thing.) and catching up on my journal.

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December 2012
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Posted: 4/7/2013 2:48:35 PM
I am! Got home from church, changed into comfy clothes, started a load of laundry (gotta keep up on the housework too, right?) and sat down to do some scrappin'. I am working on layouts using some of Shimelle's newest sketches.

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October 2003
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Posted: 4/7/2013 3:07:53 PM
me! i'm working on an album and i want to get some stickles set down before we go out to lunch with friends. by the time we get back it will be dry so i can work on the rest of the album.


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September 2012
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Loc: Dallas, TX

Posted: 4/7/2013 3:10:18 PM
I am! I was supposed to go to the zoo and do some shopping with the fiancé today, but I decided to stay in and do some scrapping (and some cleaning) instead!



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July 2006
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Loc: Wisconsin

Posted: 4/7/2013 3:24:49 PM
I too am working on layouts using Shimelle's latest sketches. Just posted one. Choosing for photos for another one.

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May 2011
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Posted: 4/7/2013 3:25:07 PM

I started my day in bed with my laptop, uploading my next batch of photos for printing. Then I re-photographed a LO from last week that I tweaked with some paint and mist splatters. Next I moved on to starting and completing a new LO (shoe love - yeah!), played around with a few other LO ideas I had but none of them were working so I sat down and dated and sorted away my last photo order batch. Finally, I seemed to get my scrapping mojo back and put together 2/3 of a 2-page spread LO. I've set that one aside for the night to mull over the finishing touches and hopefully I have some time tomorrow after work to look at it again with fresh eyes.

It's been a very good scrapping day.


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March 2001
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Posted: 4/7/2013 3:31:00 PM
I was going to but I'm just too tired to be very creative, so instead I'm going through my scrapbooks and seeing if any of them aren't done. I have two CM albums that need page protectors and some layouts in other albums that are missing journaling or some embellishing.

I also hadn't realzied how many empty albums I have. I guess I don't need to buy another one, just have to find a better place to store them so I don't forget.


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July 2006
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Posted: 4/7/2013 4:06:37 PM
It's a drizzly day here, so my DH is watching a movie with the boys (and bringing me cappuccinos!) I am supposed to be sorting and organizing my stash, but I've gotten distracted by a page kit (from 2009!) that would be better scrapped than reorganized. I'll probably tackle some UFOs afterwards since that's a form of clearing out the clutter in here.


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Posted: 4/7/2013 4:18:06 PM
I have been working on getting my older pictures scrapped this weekend. I never say I'm behind since I refuse to put that kind of pressure on myself with my hobby, but I am trying really hard to scrap pictures I already have printed before I print anything else.

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March 2004
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Posted: 4/7/2013 6:03:37 PM
Im scrapbooking while my boys are watching a movie

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April 2004
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Posted: 4/7/2013 6:16:18 PM
I started out on a roll and then my sister called and I lost my mojo!!



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March 2013
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Posted: 4/7/2013 6:21:56 PM
I'm notorious for doing everything on a layout except journaling. So I've been spending time today actually doing the journaling. It will be nice to be able to look at all my completed pages when I'm done!


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February 2012
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Posted: 4/7/2013 6:37:17 PM
I got 7 LO done between yesterday and today!!

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February 2007
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Posted: 4/7/2013 7:38:30 PM
I started a layout yesterday and made a huge mess trying to find the right papers. The papers I wanted to use just didn't work so finally last night I found paper that works so much better. Today I finished the layout and cleaned up the mess! My layout is titled: Crazy doesn't run in my family--it gallops!

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March 2001
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Posted: 4/7/2013 7:55:39 PM
MEEEEEEEE!!!! Yesterday I bought the new boy and girl bundle of joy collections from echo park. My husband has a new grandaughter and grandson so I did a baby girl layout today and hopefully later in the week I can do the boy one. I scraplifted the layouts from Jen Galacher's you tube video for echo park.
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