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Posted 4/7/2013 by IAmMikki in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 4/7/2013 10:54:12 AM
I organized my layouts yesterday while I converted from post-bound to D-ring last night and I got a little disconcerted. I scrapbook because I love it as an artistic/creative outlet but for the first time I looked at my layouts and felt that nagging "doing it wrong" feeling.

A majority of the layouts of my daughter are a cute photo with no title (or simple like "cutie" or "sweet" and no journaling. I love the idea of categorizing my layouts in a Library of Memories/Photo Freedom style. I have no idea how to categorize these layouts, they're just cute pictures and they don't really have a story behind them.

Do you have layouts like these? Do you ever feel guilty about having a layout that's only purpose is eye-candy? How would you categorize these?


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Posted: 4/7/2013 1:50:58 PM
I scrapbook for me, so no guilt. I also really don't organize my albums much, so I have no advice there. I just put them in albums as I make them. I have loose themes like travel, my childhood, etc, but I just put them in albums.

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Posted: 4/7/2013 2:36:33 PM

Do you ever feel guilty about having a layout that's only purpose is eye-candy?

Yes. I do. I don't know if "guilt" is the right word - it's more "regret." The reason is because I stopped making layouts a couple years ago and although I do have a lot of layouts made...the ones I did make could have done such a better job telling our story. Not all of them - some of them did a good job. But some of them say nothing and I am going to a. not let that happen anymore now that I'm back to scrapping and b. go back and add journaling to the ones that say nothing.

Some examples:
I totally could have written all about my daughter's personality quirks on this one. Thankfully I have a lot of journaling typed up in my computer from this age so I'm going to go back and add some.

I made this layout for a design team assignment to use the stickers on the page. I could have said so much about how my daughter loves Summer or anything else at all but it says nothing so I may toss this and save the photo.

Same exact story with this one

So yes - I really regret making layouts like that which say nothing and I'm going to do my best to do better! I don't have any helpful words to say about organizing them but I wanted to tell you you're not alone.

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Posted: 4/7/2013 3:22:44 PM
I don't get it!! I guess I don't see anything wrong with the two layouts posted. Maybe a 'bit' of journaling would help but I see two really cute layouts with pictures of a cute little girl. Why does it need to be more.

The first one has room to add some thoughts on the love of summer and the second one would be really cute with a title of "She's all that!!".

If that would make them better as far as your goals then OK but they are just fine just as they are. JMO of course

I am not sure my layouts do more than show ..

Pictures I took -
how someone/thing looked at a given period of time -
maybe a story "IF" there was one -
and pretty papers and 'stuff'.

Am I "doing it wrong"?

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Posted: 4/7/2013 3:45:26 PM
There's nothing wrong with them but I could have used that opportunity to really journal about our life and meaningful things that I do want to say to my daughter. I've had a brush with death in the last few years and the last thing I would ever want my child to say as she's looking at her scrapbooks is, "I wish she had written more about our life and told me what I was like when I was little."

Thankfully I can still do that.


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January 2013
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Posted: 4/7/2013 6:53:19 PM
I recommend putting them in a chronological order. When your daughter looks back on them in 20 years, probably her first question will be, "how old was I in this photo?"

Also, it may not be too late to add journaling. My favorite way to journal was on a tag slipped behind the photo with just the top peeking out. Just that little adjustment could include the where, when, who, and whatever memory you have to go with the photo.

Good luck!


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Posted: 4/7/2013 7:29:32 PM
I'd say that a majority of my layouts are a cute picture of my daughter with the date, a title, and one sentence of journaling. Doesn't bother me a bit. I hate writing, so if I felt a lot of pressure to tell a story with each layout, I'd never scrapbook again.

I am making an effort to expand the journaling to 2 or 3 sentences instead of 1 so I figure that's progress. I'm also redoing how I approach PL so hopefully I'll get some of the stories told there.

I love the *idea* of telling an epic story with each layout, but I had to admit that it's just not me and make peace with it.

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Posted: 4/7/2013 7:39:58 PM
I had the same thought as a previous poster about your daughter probably wanting to know how old she was in any given picture. You wouldn't necessarily even have to rearrange things into chronological order, but adding journaling that answers as many of the simple "who what when why where" questions as you can would probably help you (and your daughter later on).

I love the idea of adding journaling or picture details on a tag behind the picture. I've used this idea and other "hidden journaling" a few times, and have liked it each time.


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Posted: 4/7/2013 10:06:48 PM
I mostly scrapbook pictures of my grandchildren and I do not feel the need to journal at all. I always put the date or event or how old they are. Sometimes I feel guilty, only because we seem to be told more and more that we have to tell a story with every picture. Well...sometimes I do but most of the time I don't. Then there are those that say "there is no wrong way to scrap"! I am using that as my motto. I love to scrapbook and make cards and it keeps me sane!!! I make mini books for my husband since he travels all the time. He loves to show off pictures of the DGK!!

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Posted: 4/8/2013 6:39:44 AM
One thing I notice at crops. Ladies show their beautiful pages and tell me all these details about that moment, that person, something in the photo. Really neat info that goes great with their page. When I ask if they'll add that to the layout, they say 'oh I hate to write.' or 'oh, what would I say?'

Journaling doesn't have to be a 3 paragraph essay. Use some bullet points or a few strips of paper. If you point something out or explain something in your page, don't you want people to know that if you aren't sitting right next to them?

I think in the examples above there is room for a date/age and a few lines about the girl at that age. Even if it is just as simple as 'Boy! does Suzy love summer! Playing in the sprinkler, running in the park and eating burgers from the grill are her favorite things.'

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Posted: 4/8/2013 7:45:21 AM
Don't re-do them! Put your story on a 8.5 x 11 sheet, staple a bit of ribbon on the top so it peeks out of the page protector, and slip it down behind the layout in the page protector. Cute page preserved, story told, problem solved.

Any other world problems or issues I can solve today? LOL.

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