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Posted 4/27/2013 by DianaRita in General Scrappin'

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Posted: 4/27/2013 7:01:52 PM
Hello from Tampa! left last night to Orlando got to Daniels around 7 went to dinner and had to stop at Target to buy come clean sheets because God only knows the last time he washed his sheets. This morning I organized his room and vacuumed it. He did the dishes from God knows how many days. Left to Tampa around noon time Mitchells room was no better, but we were all packed by 4:30pm had an early dinner and I'm relaxing at the hotel. I don't know why these boys are so dirty and messy. I was going to put Mitchells stuff in a storage unit but its just not enough to spend the money, taking it back to Miami. Tomorrow we go back to Orlando to drop Daniel off, he has to stay for the summer, kind of sad but he has a job that pays for the rent and incidentals, we need to keep that. I will come back in a month to spend 3 or 4 days with him and then in June he can take 2 weeks off before all the craziness starts again for him.

Theresa...Please try again for the unemployment you deffinetely qualify, employers always fight it once you fight it then it goes a different route, and they will give it to you. In the meantime I wish you all the luck with this prospective job. Once you work so close to home it will be so difficult to drive distances again. I'm so sorry for your HS friend. Prayers for the family.

Debi...Sorry you did not get the DT position. Your work is great, but I have noticed that you need a blog, an active blog that you do regular postings on it. Next time, you are a great Digi scrapper. Hope you are feeling better.

Nylene, Tina, Mel and Mitchel .... Waiving hello.

Going back to my room I'm sitting down here using the hotels computer I even forgot to bring my kindle and I never leave home without it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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