1st time making an altered clip board - Mod Podge or not?

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Posted 5/7/2013 by *~*amanda*~* in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 5/7/2013 7:32:48 PM
Im going to make altered clipboards for teachers for teacher appreciation week.

I've looked at examples on line and know what Im going to put on each of them and have started to get the papers on the boards.

When Im done covering the clipboards with the papers do I Mod Podge over it or just leave it with the papers 'exposed'?



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Posted: 5/7/2013 8:55:45 PM
Definitely do the Mod Podge.

Just one more post!

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Posted: 5/7/2013 9:04:52 PM
Definitely mod podge - I prefer the matt finish...but make sure it all dries completely because each page could stick together - even when it dries, the mod podge chipboards can tend to be on the sticky side, so don't overdue it.

Jill <3

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Posted: 5/7/2013 9:24:21 PM
Also, I have better luck if I use the mod podge as my initial adhesive adhereing the paper to the clipboard, you won't have as much buckling of the paper when you mod podge over the top. Someone told me that rule of thumb, to always use the same adhesive to attach the paper as you are going to use to seal the top. Once I started doing this my projects turned out WAY better!


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Posted: 5/7/2013 9:57:04 PM
I like to use multi-medium by Claudine Hellmuth Studio for Ranger. I have a example on my blog where I used it to cover a composition book with scrap papers and stickers. The multi-medium works SO WELL, everything lays down flat and it comes in matte or gloss. I agree that you should use the multi-medium to glue down your papers on the clip board then put it over top a a sealer. Gel medium works too, but I found the muti-medium to be superior! For more detail check my blog post: Gluing or collaging with mult-medium!

Also, multi-medium won't be sticky.


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October 2008
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Posted: 5/8/2013 12:02:02 AM
Thank you, ladies! I appreciate the input!
I was thinking I needed to put the MP (or that multi media stuff....that sounds interesting!) on top but needed some expert advice!

I'll definitely use that to adhere the items as well. Thanks for that tip.

Now the only issue I have is how to get them to turn out as good as they look in my head!

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