blogger trouble? Can't upload pictures anymore.
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Posted: 5/13/2013 12:40:11 PM
Anyone having trouble with photos not uploading to blogger? I haven't been able to post a photo in a few weeks...


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Posted: 5/13/2013 1:34:23 PM
Did you go over storage limit? Tha thappened to someone I know- her tips was to resize everything below 800x800 pixels t avoid that happening.

She wound up having to pay a fee to get hers back up.

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Posted: 5/13/2013 2:32:01 PM
I upgraded because my blogs are very photo heavy. Worth it, IMHO. For awhile I was making my images small, but I like for my readers to be able to see the layout or photo very large when they click on it, especially since I do so many two pagers.


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Posted: 5/13/2013 3:17:07 PM
It doesn't seem as though I reached my limit? But I just started a new one on wordpress...a little more complicated and seems harder to customize without $...but we'll see how it goes


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Posted: 5/13/2013 5:48:36 PM
Yes. I've been having the exact same problem. Images loading like molasses. Ugh. No message about going over my limit, but it's definitely a possibility.

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Posted: 5/13/2013 6:39:47 PM
I've noticed mine taking longer to upload photos. It seems to take a couple of minutes before you start to see the line move.


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Posted: 5/13/2013 7:00:38 PM
it's a google problem.

See this thread on 'image uploading problem' on Google's forum!msg/blogger/G002lOAQy80/Rv3M9tY8YwEJ

I've been uploading to my Picasa album and from there to blogger as a work around.



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Posted: 5/13/2013 7:39:04 PM
For some reason, I had to switch to Google Chrome from Internet Explorer and then it started uploading photos for me again. I have no idea why, but that was what worked for me and others who tried it. Good luck.


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Posted: 5/14/2013 4:16:53 AM
I have been having problems the past week too. I use Firefox, I will give Chrome a try... Thx

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