Project Life vs traditional scrapping

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Posted 5/17/2013 by onlywork2scrap in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 5/17/2013 12:50:25 PM
So I go over to HL at lunch today and see the BH PL is finally in. I look at it and roll the idea around in my head. I'm so on the fence. I understand the concept of scrapping everyday life. Most of my scrapping is everyday life. My question is if you do PL has your other scrapping fallen by the wayside? I enjoy my other scrapping so much. I'm still thinking about PL.

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Posted: 5/17/2013 1:02:22 PM
Not at all. I have been doing Traditional scrapbooking for 10 years and PL since 2010, I use them differently. Daily life and small events are perfect in Project Life. I love being able to document small everyday stuff that really doesn't need an entire layout. My lunch time, while it could be a layout of several lunches, I don't really feel like documenting "we ate at island burger." is a layout on it's own, but it is a cool thing to have documented for Project Life.

Project Life is also a great place when I'm not sure what story to document next for a layout, and it has been really good for "When did X happen?" as far as dates. I do traditional layouts, and I'll never stop but Project Life is a wonderful addition to my memory keeping.

Additionally, I find my Project Life albums get looked through a lot more than my scrapbooks by my family.

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Posted: 5/17/2013 1:04:07 PM
I mix the two together in the same album (though not PL per se as I can't easily buy the product here... but certainly using the concept of everyday story telling using divided page protectors).

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Posted: 5/17/2013 1:08:22 PM
I take a totally different approach to PL. I am sooooo behind and never seem to find time to scrap. So I use PL style as my traditional scrapbooking. So instead of weekly layouts or everday life my PL albums are events that happen (with some everyday life thrown in). I also scrap my vacations PL style. Sometimes I have so many pics that an event (like a birthday party or vacation) gets 2 or more layouts. I personally am fine with this. I also plan on doing an entire Disney PL album. We go to WDW multiple times per year, so instead of scrapping ALL those pics trip by trip, I'm just combining them into 1 big album. For example, 1 layout might be tons of pics of characters throught the years, or castle shots during diffferent seasons KWIM?

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Posted: 5/17/2013 1:09:51 PM
PL doesn't have to be scrapping your everyday life. They are just products with no rules on how to use them. I have used PL for a construction album, school albums and month in review album. Use the products to make your scrapping easier! You don't have to change what you are scrapping to "fit" Pl.

I use PL for projects that I want to do but I don't want to spend the time to make full LOs. This way I can finish those projects more quickly leaving more time for my 12x12 projects.

If I get tired of pocket pages, I can put that project aside and work on a 12x12 project. For me it's not a matter of choosing only one style. If you are intrigued by pocket pages, buy a small pack and try it out. Just incorporate the pages into your regular album. If you don't like it then just move on! But you won't know until you try!
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Posted: 5/17/2013 3:17:46 PM
I'm also jumping on the bandwagon of PL, and what I'm thinking I'm going to do is the same as others have said. Taking the bag, literally a bag, of photos that are still in envelopes and grouping them by event in the page protectors. Fill in with cut cardstock or the project life type cards and then putting a mix of the 12 x 12 layouts with the multi photo PP all in one album, again grouped by event.

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Posted: 5/17/2013 3:38:28 PM
Think of Project Life as another set of scrapbooking supplies. I don't do "PL" daily or weekly. I use the core kits and the page protectors for my scrapping. When I plan out an album (I usually do travel albums) i use a mix of "traditional" 12 x12 scrapbook pages and the divided page protectors--it always depends upon how I plan out the pages. i love my hybrid scrapping--it has gotten me excited about creating books again.


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Posted: 5/17/2013 5:00:20 PM
First, I'm making a 2-page spread (at least) per month, not weekly.

Next, I am taking a few more photos than I used to, but in many cases, I am just using this format of divided pocket pages to get my photos and the stories that go with them into albums. I'm not taking a photo every day, and do well to get in one or two per week. For me, I just try to capture the photo of something that I want to remember 20 years from now.

My life changed, and I now have less time to scrapbook like I used to, so I like this method for many reasons. I can still have the creative outlet that scrapbooking gives me, but it goes faster and I feel it simplifies some things for me.

So, yes, the divided pocket page album has become the primary way that I scrapbook (I still have layouts from before I started this that I plan to complete). However, I'm not trying to do the weekly Project Life.


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Posted: 5/17/2013 5:39:26 PM
I found that it did for me, just from a time perspective. But now that I decided to not to PL this year, I miss it. Granted I have created more traditional layouts, which I missed when I spent all that time on PL. So at some point, I am hoping to find a balance. I have a one year old, so it's hard to find to do much of anything right now!


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Posted: 5/17/2013 8:30:23 PM
Your responses validate what I have been thinking. I can make this whatever I want it to be. There is no way I have time to do a photo a day. So, for me, I think it will be a good way for me to use up those photos that didn't make it into the other albums. Especially since many of the traditional layouts I do don't have a lot of photos on them. I am concerned that using a kit might limit my creativity, so I think I will create a lot of my own elements. Hopefully, I will be able to find a balance too. You are right ca angel, I won't know if I don't jump in and try it. I think I will try it.

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Posted: 5/17/2013 8:30:33 PM
I don't consider myself a PL'r, however I do incorporate divided page protectors into my albums ESP when I want to incorporate additional photos that don't fit on my LO.

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Posted: 5/17/2013 9:58:37 PM
I fell IN LOVE with pocket page protectors in 2011 when I tried my first BH kit!!! I like the simplicity and ease of it. I used to embellish my pages (treated each pocket as a mini layout almost)...but I have evolved out of that. Now I like the look of streamlined, less busy look to my pages.

I used to go weekly with inserts as I am doing weekly layouts with extra 2 page 12x12 layouts of events in the same album (for example, I had a lot of pictures from Easter so I made a 2 page spread and put it in the book next to the week for March 31- May 4.

I would definitely try pockets!! You don't have to get a whole kit. Just buy a small set of 3x4 cards (many companies make them-- Echo Park, for instance) and do your next layout this way. Use your stash and try. The worst case scenario-- you hate the look and the process so you will reprint your pics and re-scrap them. I think you won't regret it!!


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Posted: 5/18/2013 3:08:19 PM
I have only heard about PL this year, I know where have I been hiding right? I have been a traditional scrapper but I think that this is a way to get the old photos out of the boxes. I think that I am going to have to do decades to get caught up though.
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