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Posted 5/17/2013 by pawnek in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 5/17/2013 4:47:28 PM
For some of the paper lines in the store you can get single sheets that are double-sided or you can get single sided ones sold in a paper pad. The description for the pad says "medium weight". Do you think the paper pad paper is thinner than the double sided single sheets? If it is...does it make much of a difference?

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Posted: 5/17/2013 4:57:48 PM
The paper in pads is usually thinner......although since it says medium weight and not light weight I'd imagine it's not much different. The only time it makes a real difference for me is if I'm using a whole sheet as a background then you'd want it to be cardstock weight.


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Posted: 5/17/2013 5:27:27 PM
I agree that all the paper I have bought in pads tends to be a little thinner. I don't have any of these "new" AC pads, because I like the regular weight of AC pp, so I suck it up and buy the individual paper.

I do think the pad paper may be good for layering, but it has sooo much paper in the pad. I get bored easily



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Posted: 5/17/2013 6:20:02 PM
I have found the paper in most pads is a bit lighter in weight. That's ok by me since I mostly use the pad paper with my Cameo. The lighter weight cuts beautifully.

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Posted: 5/17/2013 11:20:36 PM
Most 12x12 paper pads have thinner paper than their single counterparts

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Posted: 5/18/2013 12:28:35 AM
I use both the paper pads and heavier weights. I don't like a pad I recently bought because it's too light! My DD will get it for her scraping supplies.


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Posted: 5/18/2013 12:40:12 AM
I find 12x12 paper pads too much of the same and they all have sheets that I wouldn't necessarily use. I prefer just to buy the double sided papers on their own


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Posted: 5/18/2013 6:21:13 AM
I have only bought AC Pads, but I am very happy with the weight of these; it is thinner than the single sheets, but I am still happy to use it as a full background as I find they are still OK once they are in page protectors. It is personal choice.

Whilst I accept that the pads are more expensive and contain duplicates, also, they don't always have ALL the patterns in them, so it comes down in part to what works for you. I like cut apart sheets, so would tend to want more than one of these anyway. I also like to do pages that use the same supplies opposite each other (not really double page, just matching), so sometimes want more than one of some of the PP anyway. I also like the convenience of the papers being in one place.

You should also consider the cost of a pad versus the cost of single sheets. As an example, the new AC Mayberry collection has a 12x12 pad at USD19.99, which has all of the patterns of paper for this collection, or single double-sided sheets at USD0.90, of which there are 12 to chose from. So for the cost of a pad of 48 single-sided papers (2 each of 24 designs)you could buy just over 22 double-sided sheets. So the cost is not really that different.

I really do think that this is a personal choice thing as much as anything. If you are happy with the slightly lighter weight and are likely to use LOTS of one collection, then it may be worth buying the pad. If you get bored with a collection quickly, then buy individual sheets.

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