Hello Story Class by Ali E.

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Posted 6/10/2013 by Keianna in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 6/10/2013 9:55:10 AM
Is anyone signed up for this class? The video Stacy Julian posted on their blog with a sneak peek into the class was very inspiring. It is pricey, but I think it will help me find more meaningful stories to tell and new ways to do it.

link: sneak peek


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July 2006
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Posted: 6/10/2013 10:07:34 AM
I will be love ali her classes are always worth it

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January 2011
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Posted: 6/10/2013 11:04:10 AM
I will be taking the class! I LOVE Ali's classes and they are always worth the price.


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May 2008
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Posted: 6/10/2013 11:19:28 AM
i have never been disappointed in an ali class and though i haven't yet signed up, i probably will.

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February 2007
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Posted: 6/10/2013 11:44:30 AM
I don't think $99 is pricey at all. I looked at the course description. You get a lot for $99 and it's 3 months long.
I've never taken any classes through BPS and I just signed up for this one.

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January 2002
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Posted: 6/10/2013 2:21:17 PM
I just signed up this weekend. I've taken a few of Ali's classes and they are well worth it. I usually do a search for any valid coupon codes to get a little off the price. The one I used ended Friday-sorry!


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July 2011
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Posted: 6/10/2013 2:53:22 PM
I would love to take it! I wish I had the funds.

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October 2007
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Posted: 6/10/2013 2:58:05 PM
I really want to sign up, just haven't done it yet.

If you go through the Paperclipping Roundtable website you can get 10% off!

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August 2011
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Posted: 6/10/2013 3:17:35 PM
I wanted to ask the same!
I haven't taken any of Ali's classes yet, but I also thought the video was great.
Maybe the people here that took her classes can tell a bit what they learned and how it influenced their process?

thanks to everyone and glad to see this thread!


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June 2010
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Posted: 6/10/2013 4:17:25 PM
I'm going to sign up after pay day - like others said the initial price tag is high but when you consider it's a three month class... I would pay $33 for a class that lasts a month!

I've only done one of Ali's classes previously and that was 31 Things - I can honestly say that it was one of the most inspiring journalling classes I have ever taken. I'm hoping that Hello Story will be just as good if not better.

Generally with BPC classes, I find there is always a lot of worthwhile content and thought gone into the structure of the class. There's no 'fluff' if you know what I mean. I've never felt that I haven't got value for money.

In fact in the last few weeks, I've done 28 sketches, Textuality and am currently at camp scrap!

HTH those on the fence!
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May 2006
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Posted: 6/10/2013 4:31:25 PM
$33 a month is a good way to justify it. I just wish they took monthly installments


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January 2009
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Posted: 6/10/2013 7:06:36 PM
Anyone here a PaperClipping Round Table listener? Don't forget they offer a coupon code for Big Picture Classes.

PaperClipping Roundtable and Big Picture Classes


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March 2011
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Posted: 6/11/2013 7:18:15 PM
Thanks for the code and the video - just signed up!!!!

Ali Edwards

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November 2002
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Posted: 6/11/2013 9:16:47 PM
Thanks guys! Looking forward to class.


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April 2005
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Posted: 6/12/2013 12:56:56 AM
I shouldn't have watched the video..... Now I need to take the class lol

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February 2012
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Posted: 6/12/2013 9:53:48 AM
I just watched Stacy Julian's video & now SO want to take the class. It's just out of my scrapbooking budget right now. $33 a month isn't so bad but stil...ugh. When I was watching the video I had another thought - Ali's layouts are even better because of the gorgeous photos!! Maybe I should be concentrating on my photo taking skills first!

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September 2008
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Posted: 6/12/2013 10:09:13 AM
i really really want to take it, but i am so not sure i can spend that money and even less sure i'll have time to follow the class during the summer!

Cindy March

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November 2010
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Posted: 6/12/2013 1:09:22 PM
I think I am going to bite the bullet and sign up.

from New York
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December 2005
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Posted: 7/17/2013 9:22:24 AM
Today is the last day to sign up and I am still on the fence.

help push me over the edge!


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July 2012
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Posted: 7/17/2013 9:48:33 AM
I love Ali but that's just too much for me to spend on a class right now

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November 2003
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Posted: 7/17/2013 10:45:12 AM
I was on the fence too but just signed up! I know I will regret it if I don't it is pricey but only like $8.33 per week if you break it down (less if you use a coupon code!). I sold a few things on the FSOT board this past week to help. Sign up- I have heard it is incredible and way worth the $$!

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May 2005
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Posted: 7/17/2013 11:00:38 AM
love this class! ali is an excellent teacher, imo, and i've taken several of her classes.


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December 2005
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Posted: 7/17/2013 11:06:55 AM
I took the plunge


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September 1999
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Posted: 7/17/2013 12:21:43 PM
I didn't like the price either but my mom offered to pay for all of it as an early bday present. HOORAY!! It's AWESOME!!!


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May 2006
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Posted: 7/17/2013 12:51:20 PM
I am loving the class and the insane amount of inspiration and ideas for projects I have generated.


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February 2009
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Posted: 7/17/2013 1:08:47 PM
I'm in the class and I am loving it. Along with the regular video she included process videos on her layouts which are great! There are free digital items and other things each week. After 2 weeks I already have a good list of LO I want to make using the first two ideas. I'm sure it will be huge by the end! I would highly recommend this class I like it better than yesterday and today and 31.

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April 2005
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Posted: 7/17/2013 2:04:51 PM
I'm in it and its fantastic so far!! Well worth the money.

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