So here is my destashing/organizing plan...

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Posted 6/18/2013 by mom2ajs09 in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 6/18/2013 9:17:30 AM
I am going to a crop in October (which cannot come fast enough), and I have spent the last month going through my stash pulling all items that belong together, well, together (hence the organizing), I have printed layouts that I could use for ideas and even a rough draft of pictures. So far I have a solid 6 or 7 layouts ready to scrap. Now, frow now until October, I plan to buy only what I need, use a considerable amount from my stash and hopefully be able to sit back and see my stash getting smaller and smaller.

Finally I feel as though I am at peace with my plans, although now that I have pages to scrap, I have the scrapping itch. Will I be able to make it to October?

So tell me what are your destashing/organizing plans? My goal, to become a frozen pea and not buy anything for a while (after this crop of course..)


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Posted: 6/18/2013 9:29:52 AM
That's a great plan!! Good luck!!

I would have to set a goal/reward system that for every 6 kits I put together, I can scrap one before the crop.


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Posted: 6/18/2013 9:37:51 AM
ooops...I forgot to answer your question about my plans to destash. My things are pretty organized but I need to use them so my plan is to simply scrap more. I have several kits & collections sitting there waiting to be used plus an obscene amount of other embellishments.

I am going to put batches together and if I don't use them by the time I complete x number of layouts, I am going to donate them. I did this for papers and it worked like a dream. I donated a stack of papers guilt free since I proved to myself that I am truly not going to use them.

Except for my kit subscription and possibly basic colors of cardstock, I "should" be frozen for the rest of the year.


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Posted: 6/18/2013 9:42:37 AM
This sounds like an awesome plan! I am starting a similar process - pulling out things I know I want to use and that I know what I want to use them on and getting them all together with the pics. Then I am making kits of sorts, and seeing how many pages I can get out of the kit- kinda of like Shimelle does in some of her videos. During this process, I am setting aside stacks of stuff to sell - things I know I am not going to use or just don't love anymore. I am definitely on the frozen Pea wagon!
My goal is to get my stash down to just the stuff I love and plan to use immediately - I do not want to have the giant stash of stuff I "might" use some day anymore!
I figure if I have a smaller stash of stuff that I am actually using up, I can justify buying new stuff more often

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Posted: 6/18/2013 9:58:07 AM
I have so many beautiful paper (that I still love) from many moons ago (like 7+ yrs). The way they are stored (in a deep drawer, piled on top of each other) I don't use them.

My plan is to go through these papers (when I bought them I bought papers to coordinate with them) and put them in large more or less like a kit, but without embellishments.

Then I am going to go through all of my supplies (this may take a few months to a year) and re-organize every thing to my way of organizing.

I have finally came to the realization that I am a flipper (I like my supplies contained in where I can flip through them) and I like my supplies to be portable. I like to take my projects to our cottage on the weekend, and seem to go to a few larger crops through out the year.

With the organizing out of the way, that will be so much easier to scrap book.
As for buying new supplies we don't have and LSS here, we do have a overpriced Michaels. I don't really order on-line.
The only time I buy supplies (besides adhesive) is when we go on our weekend trips a few times a year...but then I go crazy, lol

Good luck with your organizing


Now what?

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Posted: 6/18/2013 10:11:08 AM
I need help with all of my patterened paper. Like the previous poster...I have sooo much beautiful paper tha I LOVE and that I want to use...but I forget I have it, or I forget where I put it.

How do I make my paper right there and accessible to me?

I've fixed that with my embellishments, because I have the clip-it-up. And that really has worked.

But my's in no real order.



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Posted: 6/18/2013 10:15:26 AM
I have what my friends call the "Magic Sack" and it is a box of just random embellishments that I buy and just throw in. So every crop I go to, I have to bring the magic sack and make a huge mess trying to find the perfect embellishment. I have things in there from when I first started scrapbooking. Also, when I buy a piece of a kit (for example: Bo Bunny Blast Off Line) I might buy the embellishment now and in 6 months buy the papers. The embellishment would go in the magic sack and then I would forget I had it. So I have pulled together all my many pieces of kits that I have bought over the years and pulled them together into actual kits that belong together. I was shocked at how much I had that coordinated together! I had more kits than I thought. I have also started a spreadsheet in excel of what i buy and what kit it goes with. So I am in a sense using some old random products (buttons, ribbons, brads) with newer lines that I have bought. It works for me and I am so relaxed now.

That was a great idea about every 6 layouts, I get to do a page, never thought of that!!


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Posted: 6/18/2013 10:23:07 AM
I made the 5YO daughter of one of my friends very happy last week with the beginnings of my destash. All that paper I bought when I was beginning, and never used, and it is SOOOOOO not my style anymore.
Little W loves it all - she made a doll house from a shoebox and covered it in PP, and is stamping her name all over with the big foams stamps from MM.

It has inspired my to make up a few more gift boxes for other friends' kids, and for the kinder where I work part time.

Then, hopefully, I will love what I have left, and will use it in my albums.



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Posted: 6/18/2013 11:49:12 AM
I am editing/deleting all the duplicate and similar photos from my hard drive. Then printing out each years and using any and all of my old stash of PP that I still love to make PL cards. I am armed with my Cameo, $10 typewriter and PSE. I am so excited about getting photos from yes 2004-2013 in albums and my old stash used up. I have been scrapping what I want when I want and sitll like to do that. But thanks to the PL method, I am going to get a lot done fast for the those years and then scrap 12X12 of the ones I really am inspired by.

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Posted: 6/18/2013 1:25:25 PM
My big de-stashing time happened last year. I realized that I had a lot of stuff that I didn't like or used. So...I did something that would make most scrappers cringe and rally to ban me from all crafting communities, I tossed EVERYTHING that I didn't love. I didn't wait, it was like removing a really sticky bandage. If I didn't do it that way I would still have it all "just in case". But after all the shelves in my closet fell down in the middle of the night I knew that I was becoming a hoarder instead of an artist. So now I ONLY buy stuff that I really, really love. I may not use it right away, but I WILL use for sure. As for organization, I have about 95 % of it organized and about 5 % that never seems to go back to its


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Posted: 6/18/2013 1:52:49 PM
I started a destashing a couple months ago. I took out inches of paper, about 75% of my stamps, and a bunch of embellishments I havn't/won't use. It is now sitting in a different room so I can't see it. If I don't go in there for anything by the end of the month, I am making "grab" boxes and selling them so I can buy some of the new releases that I am loving. Then, I plan to do it all over again and get rid of more.

Hopefully this plan works, because I have sooo much, I get lost in my room.


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Posted: 6/18/2013 2:38:50 PM
I've been pulling duplicate PP and cutting them into PL cards.

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