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Posted 7/11/2013 by rndo64 in General Scrappin'

Half Way There!

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January 2012
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Posted: 7/11/2013 8:41:59 AM
My husband and I will be leaving for vacation to Scotland this Saturday, and am very excited, have never been there before. What are your favorite places for picture taking? favorite sites? It will be our Fifth wedding anniversary, and I want to make our vacation album very special. We will stay in Edinburgh. We have been to the UK twice, to London and Ireland, and have been very happy. The people were kind, and we loved meeting them in the local pubs. We usually avoid touristy restaurants. I am sure there are a lot of scrappers in Scotland....are there any Craft stores there that I can get Scotland themes paper or stickers? I looked up the "Scrap your Trip" website, and they don't have very much at all.
Thanks for any ideas you may be able to come up with!!


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Posted: 7/11/2013 11:46:46 AM

We will stay in Edinburgh

I am so jealous!! We were there 3 years ago and I am DYING to go back...we absolutely loved it, even though the B&B we stayed in was an absolute dump!

I want to go back to the castle and roam all day was breathtaking. Stirling is not far from Ediburgh -- we did not get there but you definitely should.

We were kind of all over the place, except for the highlands, but honestly the whole country is beautiful and photo-worthy. HAVE FUN, and post pictures when you get back!


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Posted: 7/12/2013 5:43:21 AM
Scotland is an absolutely beautiful country - we visit every year, but on the West coast so I can't help you with too many specifics regarding the Edinburgh area, I'm afraid.

There is a Hobbycraft in the area, but they tend to be out of town on retail estates so I'm not sure how far it will be from where you are staying. I will also say that I have found that my local store isn't as well stocked as it used to be some time ago but that situation may have changed more recently.

Will you have a car or be relying on public transport? Will you be basing in Edinburgh and looking for ideas in the city or do you want to get further afield?

Undiscovered Scotland is a pretty good site for ideas as is Visit Scotland (The tourist board site)as well as Trip Adviser for ideas.

The last time I went, I was pretty young but really enjoyed the zoo and also Trip Adviser.

Arthur's seat gives fantastic views of the area and would be great for your photos - - that's the link to the TA review of it.

I know there are a couple of Scottish Peas who post on NSBR fairly regularly but am not sure if they come to this area of the forums as much so maybe ask there as well?

Have a brilliant time and Happy Anniversary!!

Half Way There!

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January 2012
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Posted: 7/12/2013 5:53:25 AM
Thank you so very much for all the great ideas and well wishes.
God Bless!


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Posted: 7/12/2013 7:21:43 AM
In Edinburgh you should walk down the Royal Mile and go to the Scottish Parliament and Holyrood Palace. They are at the opposite end from the castle. You can see things like St Giles Cathedral and the Heart of Midlothian on the way.

Stirling is a great suggestion and has a few things to see. You can get there easily on public transport as well as driving. Trains run from Edinburgh to Stirling frequently and will take you into the centre of the city then it's a short walk to the castle. If you drive you can also go out of the city to Bannockburn.

If driving and in the Stirling area you could also go to the Falkirk Wheel. It's not easy to get to by public transport because it is on the edge of the town.

South Queensferry where the Forth Road Bridge and Railway Bridge are is a good thing to see if you're driving - very picturesque backdrop for photos!

We are very lean on scrapping shops apart from Hobbycraft which is already mentioned. I will have a think if there are others!

Enjoy your holiday - I'm very biased but Scotland is a gorgeous place

Half Way There!

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January 2012
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Posted: 7/12/2013 7:52:50 AM
Thanks. My husband wasn't going to rent a car for us, but this week he changed his mind. I am glad he did. The sites you mentioned above sound so lovely. I will post pictures when I get back.


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July 2012
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Posted: 7/12/2013 8:24:17 AM
Enjoy your trip! My hubby took me to the Inverness area the last time we were in the UK (distant relatives came from there, the rest from other parts of the highlands). If you are into history, I would recommend the battlefield site at Culloden: it is very evocative and the guides are extremely well-informed.

Close by are some ancient burial sites, together with the obvious Loch Ness stuff. As you said you are not "touristy" I should point out the Loch is overlooked by Urquhart castle, stunning if that is your thing-- it is not all about the Monster! There was a small but very well stocked Stamping & scrappy shop in the Victorian Arcade (Queensgate, I think- opposite the historic Railway station). I am not sure if they are still there, can't remember when last I had an email from them.

Congratulations on your 5 years, wishing you many more.
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