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Posted 8/15/2013 by DeeDee87 in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 8/15/2013 9:56:28 AM
I haven't ever subscribed to their monthly kits before and I think I'd like to. I just wanted to get some feedback from those of you that have ordered them or are currently subscribed to them.

Is it worth it? Do you get a lot for the money? Do you use most it? Is shipping expensive if you don't hit the $79 for the month?

I do scrapbook, make cards & journal if that helps. ANY feedback is very much appreciated.


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Posted: 8/15/2013 10:03:23 AM
You are going to get a wide array of responses here. Some people love SC, and some people are really anti-SC. I am a rewards member, so I've been subbing for over a year. I sub to the Main Scrapbooking Kit and the PL kit. I was also subbed to the card kit until recently. I generally get 1-2 add-ons each month, if not more. Some months are thin on the product, but overall I'm happy with the kits. I haven't been happy with some of the decisions they have made as a company, and this has caused me to debate on canceling. So far I haven't, but I do look forward to my SC box every month!


ETA: I don't buy unless I get free shipping because it is high (to me).

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Posted: 8/15/2013 10:18:51 AM
I joined two months ago for the PL kit. I purchased add ons for August.
So far I love my kits and don't see canceling.
I think what I get for the cost if the kit is a decent value and I will actually use it all

Unlike other kit clubs I joined where I end up never using half of what I get

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Posted: 8/15/2013 10:19:45 AM
I was a subscriber to the scrapbook kits from almost the beginning, a PL kit subscriber for 4 months and cancelled my subscription in May. I've always loved the look of their kits and for a very long time felt they were a good value. However, for the last 6 months or so it seems that someone else is putting the kits together and they just don't seem the same - they were getting lighter and lighter on product, I didn't love the new stamp designers and there were many public issues with quality control, customer service and poor management. That being said, I never had an issue with them personally and always got good customer service for the couple of issues I had over the years. In addition to the decreasing quality (IMO) of the kits, I got kind of tired of the insanity that was reveal day. It just all added up one day and although I sometimes miss my monthly box of happy, I'm ok with picking up things I want here on the FSOT Board.

If you like their kits, they've had some great specials for new subscribers. Sign up on their website and get on their mailing list. I'd wait for a special offer before subscribing. The most recent one was you got the main kit and a free add-on kit.



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Posted: 8/15/2013 3:34:22 PM
I subbed to SC a little over a year ago when they just the scrapbooking kit. And I recently re-subbed to get the PL kit only, but I always end up grabbing an add-on or even a main kit. I really truly love their kits. They just fit my style perfectly and there are always either exclusives or brand new product or both. I also love their DT who inspires me a lot, and that's important to me in a kit club.

Shipping for domestic (USA) customers is a flat rate of $8.25 (unless you just get the PL kit then it's less.) I usually pay it because I don't need $79 worth of stuff every month. This coming month I will hit $79 though, I love the look of the new kits from sneaks.

I never had a problem with SC, personally. I know some have, and I understand their frustrations. I also believe that at least part of the drama is heavily exaggerated and there are a lot of mountains made from molehills. That's not to say I haven't questioned some of their actions or practices, but I certainly don't think they are as "evil" as some will have you believe.



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Posted: 8/15/2013 3:35:46 PM
I was a subscriber for 9 months. I wasn't loving the kit color anymore and I quit. I would always do free shipping. Now that some month's are their own product or a lot of other AC brands I'm happy I canceled. I can get most of the items at my LSS or here.

When I decided to join I went and looked at the previous 4 months and decided if I would want each kit. Then I bought 1 month's kit and a couple add ons without subscribing and liked it in person and subscribed for the next month.

I'm currently looking at joining Gossamer Blue as that currently fits my style. I'm taking the same approach. Although since they don't have the 6 month commitment I'll just subscribe.


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Posted: 8/15/2013 3:38:15 PM
I canceled about 2 months ago. The product you get just wasn't worth the price. I'd rather just shop on my own. And to be honest, I think most of their own papers are pretty boring and are just the same pattern over and over again in different colors.

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Posted: 8/15/2013 4:10:05 PM
if you get their newsletter, they have a special right now (ends today!) that if you sign up for this months (August's kit) with a subscription, you get last month's for free, and free shipping.
You do need a code, but if anyone is interested, you can send me a note and I'll get it for you. They also have a referral special where if you sign up from a referral you get extra rewards points and so does the person that referred you, but since I just signed up, I'm not really sure how that works.


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Posted: 8/15/2013 6:00:52 PM
I began subscribing to Studio Calico's Project Life kit (got off the waiting list for February) and subscribed to the Scrapbooking Kit starting in May. Each month I have created a minimum of 6 layouts per kit (if I don't substitute with my stash) there is a scrapbooker NicoleJones911 (on YouTube) who uses her stash + Studio Calico and scraps something like 21 layouts per kit.
Reason why I love my kits:
- I don't spend money on scrapbooking supplies outside of buying the kits.
- I don't spend time looking for supplies that work well together.
- Studio Calico offers a variety of embellishments, some of which I'd never think to buy for myself but often end up really enjoying.

Shipping is pretty standard, I believe it's like $8 if you don't make free shipping.

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Posted: 8/15/2013 7:10:59 PM
I'd suggest buying one of the kits to see what you think. All of August's main kits are still available and that way you are under no obligation. If you like it and feel like it is a good amount/quality for what you paid, then sign up for the subscription.

I've been subbing since May and liked the first two ok, but loved the last two. Overall, for me there's not enough of my style in the products they select and I'll be stopping after October.


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Posted: 8/15/2013 7:58:31 PM
The PL kit subscription with shipping is just a little over $25 I think. If you add anything extra from the shop to your PL kit, shipping will go up to $8-9 but it will ship UPS and you can track it. I use most of the cards in my PL because they usually coordinate well. I like the kits because I want that surprise every month. I started subbing right away, sight unseen. Jan. was my first kit and I loved it. There was a lull of kits that were just okay but they are getting better!


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Posted: 8/15/2013 8:45:52 PM
I agree - this coming month's kits look great!

I have been buying from SC for a few years, but I only started subbing this year (March) for PL and then I added the Card kit 2 months ago with a No Commitment offer (I can stop anytime). I told myself that I would quit as soon as I saw a kit I didn't like - but so far I have loved everyone. The stamps have been AWESOME.

The funny thing is I don't make cards or do PL (LOL)! But I usually buy an add-on or two every month. I usually get the PL Stamp add-on.

I agree with the above poster, you should try out some kits first before committing.


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Posted: 8/15/2013 9:31:20 PM
Thank you all for your input! I really want to be surprised & challenged to use things & I think I could get a lot of use out of a kit, but I do also like soooo many other things that I want it to be worth the money I spend. I think I am going to try the kit that's coming up & see if it's something I will like before I subscribe.

Now I just have to figure out which type to buy because I think I could use all of them!
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