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Posted 9/8/2013 by miss_lizzie in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 9/8/2013 11:10:37 AM
After a too-long hiatus from scrapbooking, I'm finally inspired to do it again. Yay! It's been so long, though, that my favorite company, scrapbookpictures.com, is no more and I need to find a new one. What is your favorite online photo printing place? I loved scrapbookpictures because of the great quality and the variety of sizes. Thanks so much!

Stuck In The Bucket

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Posted: 9/8/2013 12:44:14 PM
I use Shutterfly and really like them. There is also persnickety prints. I think they do the different, non standard sizes. I have heard people really like them too. I have never tried them though.

Rhonda in TX

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Posted: 9/8/2013 12:56:51 PM
I liked Snapfish until I figured out their 4x6 photos are not quite 4x6. It's not a problem unless you want to line 2 photos up across your page and it doesn't quite reach. Other than that, I've been happy with them.

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Posted: 9/8/2013 1:07:40 PM
Right now, I'm using Shutterfly and I'm not happy because their prints are not quite 6" long. When using divided pocket pages, this is noticeable. I bought the package deal of 200 prints and I'm trying to use it up so that I can go somewhere else. Shutterfly is OK if I just have my prints sent to my local Target store for 1-hour service (the prints are true to size). However, the price is about the same as printing at home.

Cindy March

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Posted: 9/8/2013 1:42:02 PM
Shutterfly and Costco.

from New York
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Posted: 9/8/2013 2:26:32 PM
I too used scrapbookpictures.com before they closed. Now use Persnickety because of their variety of sizes. Quality is good and shipping is fast. You do have to be careful of the automatic cropping though as you tend to get white edges where the picture is cropped. No white edges with the manual crop however.


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Posted: 9/8/2013 2:38:12 PM
I love Persnickety and switched to them after the other place closed. Fast shipping and great quality. Plus they have a ton of sizes.


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Posted: 9/8/2013 4:18:03 PM
Thank you so much! I'm off to make an order.

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Posted: 9/8/2013 7:11:33 PM
I wrote a review on Persnickety Prints if you're interested =)

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Posted: 9/8/2013 7:38:27 PM
If you resize your photos in Photoshop or PSE or other photo program and then upload to Shutterfly, they do come as a 4x6. It takes a bit of work (sometimes a lot of work!), but it's worth it to me.


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Posted: 9/9/2013 3:14:30 AM
I do crop and resize my photos before uploading to Shutterfly, and they are still only 4" x 5 7/8" when I receive them. I use a lot of sketches from the Scrapbook Generations books and sometimes that missing 1/8" does make a difference. Otherwise I like the quality of Shutterfly's prints.


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Posted: 9/9/2013 7:59:35 AM
Maybe I'm not paying that much attention to the size...I'll have to measure the last batch that came. Before I was resizing the photos, I was getting much smaller photos from them that they resized on their own.

I must make layouts that it doesn't matter as much, but I can see where it would matter if you want 2 horizontal photos laying side by side to touch the sides of the paper. (and lots of other situations actually!)

I'm getting ready to try Costco. I have a big batch almost ready to go. 500 photos at my Costco will cost 10 cents each and there is no shipping costs. I'm not sure I can find it cheaper, but I sure hope the quality is good. I'm tired of spending a fortune in shipping costs.


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Posted: 9/9/2013 9:10:04 AM
I've been using Snapfish for awhile, and wait for a penny prints deal like they have right now (ends today I think). I've always been prompted before checking out to chose 4x6 images that have been cropped to fit that size because they are digital images, or the original size of the images which I believe is 4x5.3. In the past I've always gotten the smaller size because I didn't want to have to check all of my pics to make sure nothing important would be cropped out, and it didn't really matter to me if they were true 4x6. Now that I'm using pocketed page protectors, it definitely matters. I saw someone mention with Shutterfly, even after resizing and cropping themselves the pics are coming out 1/8 short, and I think this would bug me if it turns out the same is true with Snapfish. I guess I'll either have to pay more for my prints and go somewhere like Persnickety or just deal with the smaller size.

ca angel

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Posted: 9/9/2013 9:14:34 AM
Love my Costco!
Ca angel


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Posted: 9/9/2013 9:53:23 AM
Another vote for Persnickety Prints!


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Posted: 9/9/2013 7:02:17 PM
Thanks for the link to your review, j.leija!

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Posted: 9/9/2013 7:15:59 PM
I usually use Shutterfly, sometime Snapfish and am very happy with them. Now that I've been using some in pocket pages protectors it is annoying that they aren't true 4x6. I plan to try persnickety next, plus I want some of my Insta photos printed too.


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Posted: 9/10/2013 6:13:47 AM
Persnickety Prints

I started using them after ScrapbookPictures closed and I've been very pleased with the quality and color of the prints and the speed of shipping.

Christi in MA
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Posted: 9/10/2013 6:44:36 AM
9c collages at walmart i iused to do walgreens i now do them at walmrat

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Posted: 9/10/2013 7:12:56 PM
I use York, Shutterfly and Snapfish. I never noticed the size but just checked one from each and they are all just a tad short of 4x6. I find York and Shutterfly quality pretty much the same and match my colors spot on. Snapfish prints come back a bit warmer and the quality isn't as good as the others but I'm ok with it and will continue to use them for penny prints. I'm about to try mailpix next. They offer penny prints every Wednesday and you get 100 free prints for creating an account so it's worth a try.



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Posted: 9/10/2013 11:38:52 PM
I like Persnickety prints, but I found their shopping cart set up really annoying. I've heard mpix.com is another good option. Have not tried them yet.


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Posted: 9/14/2013 7:49:29 AM
I have a couple of friends who are professional photographers and they use Mpix.


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January 2013
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Posted: 9/14/2013 10:52:59 AM
I just received my first order of prints from Persnickety Prints and I absolutely love them! The quality is great and like another poster mentioned they get their orders out quickly. They will definitely be my go to from here on out!

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Posted: 9/14/2013 11:19:32 PM
Mpix in my opinion is comparable to scrapbookpictures, very beautiful photos. I have been using them 6 months and completely satisfied.

k d girl

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Posted: 9/15/2013 10:40:39 PM
i use cost co, but what I really want is someone who allows me to put 2 3x4 onto a 4x6 at their site without my having to use photoshop. Anyone have that???


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Posted: 9/15/2013 10:50:20 PM
I have only tried Walmart and love them. Inexpensive
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