Glitter Girl made me go monochromatic

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Posted 10/1/2013 by donjawong in General Scrappin'

Baby Pea Step

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Posted: 10/1/2013 5:26:55 PM
When I saw the layout in chapter 2 of the guide I just knew it was one of the first challenges I wanted to try. A monochromatic colored layout.

I choose green, because it's a color I really like right now. If you would make a monochromatic page, would you choose the color because it's one of your favorites? Or because you have a lot of products in that color. I'm wondering because I had enough green paper, but not so much stickers, letters and other embellishments. It caused me a bit of a struggle to find things to go with the photo's. But in the end it all worked out.

My layout

Is this an instrument of torture or communication?

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Posted: 10/1/2013 6:13:36 PM
Lovely page!

My Youtube channel

in the moment


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Posted: 10/1/2013 7:13:36 PM
I would definitely choose the colour because it is a favourite of mine. In fact, I have only ever done two monochromatic layouts - one in greens and another in blues ... But I think it is a great idea to do a page based on an abundance of supplies in one particular. Perhaps we should challenge ourselves on the class forum, in that chapter, to do just that. And it would be even more "fun", if it is a colour we don't often use. For me, that would be pinks LOL

Moira from Ste. Therese, Quebec, Canada


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Posted: 10/1/2013 7:34:20 PM
Love your layout! Everything came together perfectly. Great response to GG challenge.

Make a Wish!

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Posted: 10/1/2013 7:39:15 PM
I really like your layout, I'm going to have to try to do something similar.



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Posted: 10/1/2013 10:23:11 PM

Uploaded with iPhone client


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Posted: 10/2/2013 5:28:56 AM
I imagine picking your favourite colour would be easier because you'd have heaps of products in that colour. But it could be a nice way to break out of the box and use something different

xoxoxo Sarah
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