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Posted 11/1/2013 by MissySauter in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 11/1/2013 12:36:40 PM
I'm asking for a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas. It's just too cool to pass up.

I know that Silhouette sells designs on their website. If I'm understanding how the Cameo works, I can print any jpg that I've downloaded to my computer.

Are there any free websites that have downloadable jpgs? I could see the Silhouette store getting expensive for me very quickly and need to "sell" the idea of getting another cutting system to DH. Free jgps would be a good place to start!



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Posted: 11/1/2013 1:10:05 PM
If you own digital supplies, they can all be traced and cut on the Cameo and used as die cut pieces on your regular layouts. That was a selling point for me. Double use from my current supplies.


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Posted: 11/1/2013 1:28:11 PM
marking my space here, because I'm doing the same thing... trying to 'sell' the idea of an expensive cutting machine as a Christmas gift, especially one that will require a somewhat large learning curve for me (since I'm not all that computer savvy).

(my *real* Christmas gift is going to be a new laptop, because I need one, unfortunately, so this might be a gift from me to me, lol!)

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Posted: 11/1/2013 8:13:43 PM
I have the original silhouette and I love it. It can cut any of the true type fonts. And there is a part of the software to where you can make your own cut file and then save it into the program. I cant remember the process a migraine is starting. But the learning curve is not that big.
It is worth it in my opinion. No special carts to buy and you can find tons of free cut files on the internet.



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Posted: 11/1/2013 8:23:01 PM
You can get free cut files all over Pinterest. You can also get a subscription to get you started....mine is the lowest plan, at $8 a month for $25 worth of credit. They give away a free file every week and have shapes on clearance every week as well. If you cut things...this machine is worth it. I got a great bundle deal for a great price. I'm still is something you have to dedicate time to but it's a great thing to be able to whip something up...Kerri Bradford does great teaching, which you can find at her website, self titled. Now for the print and cut, it's not cutting a JPEG. I believe you have to trace it but I haven't gotten that far in my learning yet...

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Posted: 11/1/2013 11:24:23 PM
You can download the Studio software and use it without the Silhouette.

Search for free digital scrapbooking products and free cutting files, there are tons of them out there. There are even more files if you have a software that handles svg-files, (Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or some image processing programmes like Gimp).

Several scrapbooking companies also sell their designs as digital products.

It is always easier to trace png-files than jpg-files.


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Posted: 11/2/2013 5:17:51 AM
I've had my silhouette for almost 2 years now. Some of the biggest selling points for me are:
You can cut any font installed on your computer. There are so many free fonts.
You can TRACE images you can find online.. examples: stamp images I find on google images. I can trace them, cut them, or print them.
Print and cut: You can use pictures, silhouette store designs, designs you have created, etc. You design these in the silhouette studio software, and can print these on your regular printer. Then you take it back to your silhouette and cut.
I can use MANY of my digital files for photography (brushes, overlays, etc)as cut files. I trace MANY of Ali Edwards words, shapes, etc and cut them out.
As someone mentioned before, the software is free. Download it and start playing (and collecting the free shapes every Tuesday). Also, if you download the software and go to the silhouette online store. Type in Original 50 or Free 50 and you get even more free shapes.
I also have a subscription to the silhouette online store (shapes). I pay $8 a month and get $25 in shapes a month. (If you wait until after Christmas, the subscriptions go on sale for 20% off.)

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