Sorting and Storing Ephemera and Die Cuts

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Posted 11/21/2013 by natlhol in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 11/21/2013 7:50:48 AM
I have a few packs of die cuts. For instance, I love this Amy Tangerine Die Cut Pack that I just bought. But I don't know how to store these items so that I can use them easily.

I see the youtube crafters store their die cuts in cute little bowls while they are working on LOs, and I love that idea, but I don't think it would work for a large assortment. I want something that will work for everyday storage but that will not bend the shapes. I also need to be able to see the items or I will just forget that I have them.

Right now everything is stored in their packaging and are in a large rectangular glass bowl. I bought it at a garage sale. I think it might have been some kind of flower vase or fish bowl. Part of me wants to open everything and dump it in there, but another part of me fears that the items will get damaged.

So what do you use for your die cut storage? Thanks for your help!

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Posted: 11/21/2013 8:25:23 AM
I typically hang flat embellishments in the original packaging on my Clip-It-Up base. The only exception is the few Becky Higgins cards from various core/mini/themed kits that I've accumulated from splitting with 3-4 friends. Since they are without original packaging, I store them in a 5" wide, straight-sided, mini loaf pan (purchased at HomeGoods for ~$8) that acts like a flat rolodex. Perhaps the loaf pan, a long/narrow wooden drawer insert, a clear plastic egg bin for the refrigerator, or other kitchen-intended organizer would allow you to insert the emphemera/die cuts upright & flip through quickly. HTH.

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Posted: 11/21/2013 8:42:34 AM

I typically hang flat embellishments in the original packaging on my Clip-It-Up base.

Same here. If it's other smaller dimensional items, they go in a plastic divided box like the Super Satchel box that has a ton of those removable dividers.


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Posted: 11/21/2013 8:49:16 AM
I'll be watching this thread for ideas. Right now I have random sets in their packaging in a plastic shoe box. It's not working so well but I'm afraid to open them and get them mixed up because each set just goes together so well. If a set matches a paper line, I clip them together to the paper. Those get used more often.


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Posted: 11/21/2013 8:53:49 AM
I keep them in one of those plastic shoeboxs with the attached lid. I have them separated by maker. I also have a small notebook that acts like an index system. If the back of the package shows all the pieces I save it, if not I print a copy of the pieces from the internet and put it in a small notebook I have, when I get ready to do a layout I thumb through the notebook and look at all the embellishments/diecuts I have, choose the ones I want to use, then pull it from the box, I also mark off the die cut from the back of the package so I know it's not available anymore.


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Posted: 11/21/2013 8:54:56 AM
For some of them I keep them in those 4x6 photo iris cases from M's by the manufacturer. The rest are either still in packaging in a basket type of thing or loose in a bowl.

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Posted: 11/21/2013 9:08:59 AM
I put them in a ziplock bag with the name of manufactorer and collection name (ex: American Crafts, Amy Tan, Cut&Paste) and put them in an Iris box with other die cuts.


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Posted: 11/21/2013 9:13:42 AM
A lot of my die cuts I've bought are specific to an ongoing album and they reside with the kit of that album in a plastic envelope with papers, alphas and do dads waiting for me to work with them.
Impulse buy die cuts do live in baskets and bowls around my work area to inspire me while I'm working on something else. It's probably just me but if I put supplies of a certain type all in one big box with a lid, neatly organized.... I'd NEVER use them!

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Posted: 11/21/2013 9:19:46 AM
I sort mine by color and put them in ziplock bags.

I have an Iris case for each color that contains washi, mist, twine, ribbon, diecuts, stickers, etc.


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Posted: 11/21/2013 10:18:47 AM
I started using a Martha Stewart small binder (5.5x8.5) and her pocket protector pages. She has the pages divided into 2 or 4 pockets per page. I like that I can easily flip through it and see the die cuts. Then when I'm done, it sits on my shelf in a nice compact way.


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Posted: 11/21/2013 8:33:01 PM
Thanks for the ideas! I might try to make some kind of file I can flip through. That one appealed to me the most. I find that if I have to open a case/bag/holder to get an item, I'm less likely to use it.

I've also thought about making my own Clip it Up, but I need to make sure that I have the room for it first.

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Posted: 11/21/2013 8:43:45 PM
I have all of my die cuts sorted by type/style, into assorted shallow containers, all stored inside a drawer. I've used tart tins, shallow milk glass, a few tea cups, etc to sort the die cuts into.

I opened up all of my die cut/ephemera packs and took out all of the ones I knew I wouldn't use. Then I sorted all of the pieces by type/shape... like bows, speech bubbles, tags, labels, numbers, punctuation, ephemera, etc.

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Posted: 11/22/2013 7:16:55 AM
I also have mine in a binder, a 8.5 x 11. Really like it. I use a variety of page protectors depending on size of piece, mostly baseball card size and full page protectors It's easy to flip through and see everything without having stuff spread out everywhere.
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