Sil Sub, does it renew automatically?

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Posted 12/23/2013 by Inspiredbycolor in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 12/23/2013 1:11:36 PM
I got my subscription on a sale last year. It ends on the 26th. Does it renew automatically? I don't think I am going to do a subscription again this year.

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Posted: 12/23/2013 2:52:11 PM
No, I don't think so. My subscription did not. I hope you can find a coupon code!

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Posted: 12/23/2013 2:54:30 PM
Nope, but you will get notification that it's ending and that your credits will expire if you don't renew (it's not immediate, but you don't have a lot of time to spend them either!)
I've had 2 years of subscription, and I don't think I'll renew either, just because I have so many shapes already. OTOH, it's hard to resist some of the new shapes each week!


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Posted: 12/24/2013 8:24:50 AM
Your subscription will end on the 26th and any credits you have will expire as well. If you click on the my account under the cart in silhouetteonlinestore it will tell you what time your credits will expire. I always renew mine on Dec. 26 with a 20% off coupon code. Once you renew your credits will continue to be good for 2 months.

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Posted: 12/25/2013 5:13:32 PM
Watch the time your sub expires. I've list credits before due to the time. (Mine is 12:32 pm.)

Silhouette has teased some promos for after Christmas. I think it's supposed to announced tomorrow (Thursday.)

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Posted: 12/25/2013 8:49:23 PM
No it does not automatically renew, but there is a special announcement coming out the next few days regarding subscriptions- a discount I believe. Received an email from SA with that little note in it.

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Posted: 12/25/2013 8:50:16 PM
I only buy a few shapes per month. I have to really think I will use it. I'm not of collector of random shapes so feeling pressure to 'use' so many credits each month would give me anxiety! LOL

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