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Posted 1/5/2014 by sfscrapper in General Scrappin'


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April 2003
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Posted: 1/5/2014 2:02:50 PM
I don't have a scanner for 12x12 layouts. What is the best way others peas have found to post layouts? Just take a photo? Use an app on my smartphone? Any suggestions appreciated. I'm trying to participate this year rather than lurk and want to post my very first layout for a challenge. Only took me ten years to jump in thanks to the encouragement of Nylene and ScrappySnappy

Stacie in CA

Going Up

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January 2013
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Posted: 1/5/2014 2:23:32 PM
So glad you're going to be posting your layouts! I take a picture with my regular camera and then crop it into a square. It would be faster to use my phone and take a square photo, but I'd rather the higher quality. Looking forward to seeing what you create!

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