When I watch someone scrapbooking in a video, the most fascinating thing to me is...
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Posted: 1/24/2014 4:25:27 PM
how much adhesive they use and where they put it!

I always put about an inch of adhesive runner on the very edge of things and if it's a huge piece of paper, I might put a dab in the middle but mostly I make sure I go right up along the edge because I like things to lay down flat on the edges. It seems I'm in the minority! Scrappers in videos just kind of put a couple lines down willy-nilly for the most part. I am too stingy to use that much. If I go alongside one edge, I dab it all along the way.

This is just a random observation that tickles me - not a critique. How about you? How do you put down adhesive and have you ever been surprised when watching a video at how others do?

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Posted: 1/24/2014 4:36:02 PM
I'm a willy-nilly stingy dabber! I also don't usually run it close to the edge unless I need it there for some reason

I think some people use as much adhesive on one page as I would on an entire album!

I'm cheap, plus prone to mistakes so use as little adhesive as possible so I can pull up pieces if I have to.

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Posted: 1/24/2014 4:57:33 PM
I use ample adhesive (if it's the ATG - if it's other, I'm stingy). I like to go as close to the edge as I can because I like it to be completely flat.


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Posted: 1/24/2014 5:04:02 PM
Interesting observation. I too feel frugal and use far less adhesive than most of what I watch on videos. However, I mix it up. I use certain types of adhesives for certain items. For example, I use glue sticks to adhere paper to paper, but since that glue sometimes doesn't hold as well as I like, I will put some permanent adhesive in the corners. I like that the glue stick helps stiffen the paper. I also may use re-positional adhesive on some items and have never had problems with it not holding over the years.


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Posted: 1/24/2014 5:23:08 PM
I use a lot of adhesive.. Especially when I'm using my ATG... If I'm scrapbooking I don't apply adhesive all the way to the edge if I'm going to be layering.. Usually when I'm completely done with a LO I'll check to make sure everything has enough adhesive and if my corners are coming up I'll use a liquid glue that I can slip under the edges ... When I'm making cards I use adhesive all the way to the edge on all sides and some in the middle ...I try to use ATG on everything I can since I buy the tape by the case ... lol



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Posted: 1/24/2014 5:51:30 PM
I am not frugal when it comes to adhesive. I use my tape runner on all 4 sides of everything on my page! I excessively use foam adhesive too!

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Posted: 1/24/2014 5:54:04 PM
I am cheap.. I use good adhesive but as little as possible. I just went through all my books and the only things that have come apart was from my glue sticks day and some of the heavier metals. Otherwise, I am cheap!!


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Posted: 1/24/2014 6:07:31 PM
I don't use the adhesive on the edges because I never know if I'm going to layer something under an item until I actually do it.

I'm pretty stingy with the foam squares, though!


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Posted: 1/24/2014 6:23:30 PM
I'm pretty stingy too.

While I do run it close to the edge, I only hit the 4 corners w/only about an inch each.

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Posted: 1/24/2014 6:58:19 PM
I saw someone use a stapler (maybe Shimelle or Lillith?) and I was hooked! I staple and add layers over and under. It's easier to move things around. I use just enough adhesive to attach everything when I finally have it where I want. Staples go far, and I definitely spend less on adhesives.


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Posted: 1/24/2014 7:06:19 PM
I am a complete adhesive whore. I do the edges all the way around and even a dab in the middle. My goal is for my project to be able to fall off the back of a moving vehicle and have nothing move.


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Posted: 1/24/2014 7:25:52 PM
Love this thread! I definitely use MORE adhesive than needed. Since I started watching videos I have tried to cut back. I still remember my first ever CM crop where I showed up 2 hours in to it and before the afternoon was over had gone through one whole CM tape runner! Whoops!

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Posted: 1/24/2014 8:15:30 PM
I put a few small strips in the middle to start so that I can layer easily. One of the last things I do is to add a little bit of adhesive in places that the layers are sticking up too far.

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Posted: 1/24/2014 8:49:58 PM
I like to run the adhesive close to the edge but when I want to layer then I am in trouble! So now I put alittle in the middle until I know where I want everything and then I glue ,glue ,glue. I hate going back and finding pages coming a part.

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Posted: 1/24/2014 10:07:32 PM

I am a complete adhesive whore. I do the edges all the way around and even a dab in the middle. My goal is for my project to be able to fall off the back of a moving vehicle and have nothing move.

Make that a cube wall for me

I hang my 9x9 layouts on my cubicle wall so I don't want stuff falling off. I also don't want to worry about my cards falling apart when people handle them. So I use more adhesive than many people


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Posted: 1/24/2014 10:39:43 PM
I know I overuse adhesive but I have scrapbooks I made back in the 90's and nothing has ever fallen off. Sometimes with the cuts I make with my Cricut the edges get bent from sticking to the mat so I put tons of adhesive on them to make sure they stick and don't curl up.

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Posted: 1/24/2014 10:51:16 PM
I used to use the squares, cutting them down in half, thirds, even fourths and all the way to the edge. Those puppies weren't going anywhere.

And then......

I discovered youtube videos......

.....and was shocked to realize a little adhesive from an ATG somewhere in the middle saved me a ridiculous amount of time and a great deal of anguish if (when) I needed to put something under an edge.

Anything going into a plastic sleeve is usually securely on this way and what isn't gets more adhesive.

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Posted: 1/24/2014 11:01:21 PM
One strip in the middle if it is small! Never on the edges so I can layer!
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Posted: 1/25/2014 2:16:02 AM
How after they tape the picture, patterned paper or embellishment down, they have no problem moving it.

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Posted: 1/25/2014 3:02:56 AM
I am a frugal scrapper. I use a lot of adhesive too. I do the four corners with my ATG. Glue sticks I use all over the back. Liquid glues I never use sparingly. I can say nothing has ever fallen apart that I taped down except when I used Rubber Cement back in the early 90's.


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Posted: 1/25/2014 6:17:59 AM
I love my long reach stapler. I usually use it for the main layers and will only use adhesive for the smaller pieces added on top. I also love using my hot glue gun.

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Posted: 1/25/2014 6:53:36 AM
I have always had an adhesive problem! I use an ATG gun and usually do all 4 sides plus the middle. For my Cricut stuff I run it through my Zyron (I have the little one and 5 inch one). I used to use the CMtape runner but switched to the ATG a year or so ago and it's so much cheaper I let go of my adhesive guilt and just tape away!
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Posted: 1/25/2014 7:21:53 AM
Frugal, but I don't put it along the edges as I sometimes like to layer things along edges.

After tearing apart a few (older) layouts, and having a heck of a time getting the layers apart, I'm quite confident that my frugalness with adhesive will not be a problem in future years. Except for that very short period of time when I used a rubbish tape runner. All those layouts fell apart and have since been re-adhered. I love my rolls of double stick tape.

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Posted: 1/25/2014 7:35:32 AM
Interesting observation and fun thread! We South Africans are often asked by International Teachers (I personally have been asked by Paula Cheney and one of the Glitz girls) why we use so much adhesive.

A common answer (including mine) is "we always have... we were taught to..." and the penny recently dropped for me while I was filing some old class notes: one of the four (in my opinion) original big name teachers in scrapping here, Jo'burg area, owned a retail store AND a company manufacturing double-sided tape! QED?


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Posted: 1/25/2014 1:57:02 PM
I'm a glue pig. I go all around the 4 sides and then x out the middle for bigger pieces of paper. I may not go right up to the edge if I think I'll be tucking things in later.

I just don't want it to come off. I previously used a tombow runner and would have that issue. So I got in the habit of being extra, extra generous. Then I switched to the ATG, and never changed my glue habit.

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Posted: 1/25/2014 2:05:32 PM
I only put adhesive in the middle of what I am glueing down, I layer a lot and this means I can still go back and add layers in around the edges. I also a lot of the time staple in the middle behind the picture as I think this helps make the layers pop rather than glue.

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Posted: 1/25/2014 2:22:38 PM
This is such an interesting thread! It's always interesting to me when people say they're frugal and try to stretch their supplies. I'm frugal too, but only on the front end. That way I don't worry too much about how I use things because I didn't spend too much on anything I have.


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Posted: 1/25/2014 2:48:52 PM
I'm still loyal to my adhesive squares (with the blue backing) and I use four on most things (one in each corner) - less on small stuff that one in the middle or two (one each side) will work.

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Posted: 1/25/2014 4:20:05 PM
Another frugal user. I use tape runner near the corners and that's it unless I'm layering. But I'll usually go back and add a little more when I'm finished to make sure everything is secure.

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Posted: 1/25/2014 4:31:32 PM
I use an ATG and so don't worry too much about how much adhesive I use. I also use various kinds of adhesives for different things- liquid glue etc. I always figure though that I want to not worry about my pages falling apart later on so if I used a little extra that's ok

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Posted: 1/25/2014 5:02:19 PM
I also use an ATG and believe there is no such thing as too much adhesive and nothing has come undone

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Posted: 1/25/2014 9:08:50 PM
I am an over gluer. I even reinforce my foam dots with liquid glue.


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Posted: 1/25/2014 9:08:53 PM

I put a few small strips in the middle to start so that I can layer easily. One of the last things I do is to add a little bit of adhesive in places that the layers are sticking up too far.

This is me exactly. Until I had my ATG, I used lots. But now, if I want to layer or move anything I can't use too much to start, but I can add more at the end to secure it all!

Even in the page protectors, I hate when things "rotate" off their intented position, which I find they do with only centre strips of adhesive.

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Posted: 1/25/2014 9:13:59 PM
This is exactly what I do:

(I put a few small strips in the middle to start so that I can layer easily. One of the last things I do is to add a little bit of adhesive in places that the layers are sticking up too far.)

I also keep a bottle of UnDu on hand at all times!



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Posted: 1/25/2014 9:41:52 PM
I use tons of adhesive!


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Posted: 1/25/2014 10:45:26 PM
I use a lot of liquid glue - I dunno why but Tombow multi mono has become my adhesive of choice and I use a lot!

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Posted: 1/25/2014 11:23:41 PM
I use a lot of adhesive. Part of that is just habit due to working at a LSS for several years and when we would make samples we had to use TONS of strong adhesive because the item would be handled so much. Another part comes from going through my first couple albums when I was very thrifty with the adhesive and finding a lot of my pages in pieces at the bottom of the page protector.


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Posted: 1/26/2014 2:32:39 AM
I have a problem with glue, really, since I was a little girl at school ! I always use lots of glue, you could jump off a plane with one of my projects and nothing would fall apart !
I use Aleene's tacky glue for papers : very strong glue !

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Posted: 1/26/2014 8:37:43 AM
This is probably the topic I expected least when I started doing videos, but oh WOW do I get a lot of comments about adhesive. The funny thing is that they go in both ways - I get comments from scrappers who don't think I use *enough* adhesive and my layouts must all fall apart once the video is done (nope, I can't think of many things in scrapland that would upset me more!) and from scrappers who think I use *so much* adhesive that I'm trying to make some big profit exclusively in sales of glue refills. The funny part is of course that I never once thought about it! I just started scrapping like everyone else and went through my stages of trying different things and eventually finding something I liked that also kept my pages how I liked them.

I place adhesive away from the edges so I can layer easily... and also because I like that bit of texture that comes from the papers not being completely flat to the page. Though I do add it closer to the edge on big boxes like a page with an 11.5" box on a 12x12 paper. And I like pop dots that are flatter so I can have more options for dimension, so some things will have one pop dot and some will have two stacked (or one from a pack that is taller). But I find my pop dots definitely stick - when I have to pull one up, I always make a mess of it!

I also love my hot glue gun but I NEVER remember to buy refills online and no one sells it anywhere close to the usual places I go. My glue gun has been looking at me with a sad face for months.

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Posted: 1/26/2014 9:03:36 AM
Neat observation!! I noticed a few people who's videos I watch seem to use only a tiny bit of dot runner in the middle of things...even BIG things! I've always wondered if they go back and add more later. I use lots in comparison...I use ATG around the ENIRE perimiter of large pieces of paper...I don't glue anything down until I am 90% done with the layout, so I know where to skip it for layering. I use ATG, LOTS of dimensional adhesive...not stingy with that...and liquid glue on thickers, chipboard etc. glossy accents on buttons, sequins or heavier things, and the tiny attacher every now and then too!!


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Posted: 1/26/2014 10:43:13 AM
Tracie! I'm also guilty of adhesive "overkill". Back several years ago (maybe 10), I used glue-sticks fairly often and almost always had to go back later and re-stick things. Also with the older Tombows. So I'm afraid I might be a little over enthusiastic when it comes to sticking things down these days. And I WANT to only put adhesive on the centers so I can layer now, but my mindset is having a hard time adjusting. Might need an Adhesives Anonymous meeting....Maria

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Posted: 1/26/2014 11:44:18 AM
What an interesting thread! I think I must lean toward over-adhering.

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