I have 8 scrapbooks so far

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Posted 2/4/2014 by CraftyScrappyMamas in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 2/4/2014 7:55:09 PM
So I went to Michaels over the weekend and I picked up 2 of their clearance reg scrapbooks. I swear I had a Iris 12x12 by FULL and a 12x12 draw with 10 layouts from mostly end of Sept to Last week. I didn't count the layouts but I got the details down... here is a quick video showing them( like under 4 mins) Not a flip thru... don't worry.... I know we don't have time for that!!
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2 questions... How many books do you have or make a year?
Which do you like better "D" ring or Traditional scrapbooks?


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Posted: 2/4/2014 9:48:25 PM
I have made about a book a year - one for each child (one's now in college, the other in high school) containing an average of 3 years, and some family albums. I still have some holes to go back and fill in. It comes to about 20 albums.

Since I started so long ago, I have always used CM strap-hinge albums and can't imagine using anything else. I stocked up last year on albums for family heritage and my own childhood album, so I have all I need.

The D-ring albums seem like notebooks to me. I don't think I could get used to that.

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Posted: 2/4/2014 10:18:36 PM
I only use D-ring now. I did really like the strap albums, but it's just too expensive that way, and too committing to page placement. I won't use anything but D-ring now. (Few things make me want to swear like a post-bound album does :$)

I usually fill three albums in a year.

gluemore girl

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Posted: 2/5/2014 6:15:00 AM
I have 2 12x12 boxes full of LO's that need to go into albums.
I stopped using strap hinged albums about 6 years ago or so b/c I wanted out of scrapping chronologically. I enjoy the process of working on what I want to without worrying about where it falls in the album. I do about 30 LO's a year total which would be a whole album I guess.

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Posted: 2/5/2014 6:42:09 AM
I filled a D-ring last year on our everyday layouts and monthly PL and I jam packed a post-bound for our vacation trip. That brings me to 8 albums total.

I prefer the ring binders, but since I do theme albums, I often need the smaller size of post.

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Posted: 2/5/2014 7:54:08 AM
I use D ring albums, in fact last week I picked up 3 new ones I'd ordered in through my LSS.

I average 1 to 2 albums per year, but I don't scrap in chromo order. However, I'm actively scrapping heritage and my childhood photos so it is kinda hard to estimate.

Some of my annual albums are a single volume, some albums have multiple years, a couple years have two volumes (these tend to be years that involve international moves).

8.5x11" pages in 2014 -- 31

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Posted: 2/5/2014 4:56:57 PM
I do one album for each of my boys each year, but sometimes I need 2 for one year. There have been some years in the past I did 3 albums for a year. When I go on a trip on my own, I scrap that trip for each boy's book, instead of doing a separate album for myself. It is just part of their albums since I don't do family albums anymore.

I use 3 ring.

I also do specialty albums, for example, right now I do a college scrapbook for one son and a hobby scrapbook ongoing for another.

I have probably done over 100 fat 3 ring albums; both 12x12 and 8.5x11.

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Posted: 2/5/2014 5:08:59 PM
I use 2 albums a year for PL, which I use more like a photo album and less like a week to week documentation. I also fill about an half an album in layouts per year. I use the LOM system for my non PL pages. I have about 7 CM 12x12 albums that are theme based, like baby's first year and travel/disney albums. Plus some other mini CM albums. I like strap hinge only when the album has a theme so I can plan the pages out and not get upset if I want to move pages. Otherwise I use three ring for everything else.


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Posted: 2/5/2014 6:37:42 PM
I have about 35 albums filled. My kids each have a first year book (first 2 kids have 3 books for their first year, second 2 kids have 2 books). Then I have wedding, honeymoon, vacation, and pregnancies albums. All the rest are family.

I have 30 CM albums and 5 WRMK albums since I made the switch last year.
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