How do you use your scraps?

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Posted 2/25/2014 by paulan in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 2/25/2014 11:38:11 PM
I have been "collecting" scraps for as long as I have scrapbooking. And to be honest I very rarely will use my scraps. I don't like the mixed paper squares I forget what they are called. I have yet to make a card I am happy with. But I have used my scraps when I was into paper piecing. But with my silhouette I am unsure of how small is small enough to cut things out of so I use a fresh sheet.

And I often buy a 12 x 12 and cut it into 8.5 x 11 and the scraps go into the mix in case I want to use as a border or whatever. But I would love to hear or even see projects where you have actually used scraps on your pages.

I am this close to just recycling the whole box of scraps. They are now kept in the 2.5 gallon bags kept in a box. Thanks for any in sights you might be able to help with.


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Posted: 2/25/2014 11:53:15 PM
Make die cuts or punched shapes
make confetti
make tags
Use for layers
Cut out shapes or tags and stamp on them for hand made embellies
Make hand made stencils or masks

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Posted: 2/26/2014 2:05:21 AM
I try to keep the pile under control by working bits and pieces into layers on layouts and using ONLY scraps when I make cards. Creating collage backgrounds is also an option (you can "temper" the color clash a bit by covering the works with a sheet of vellum). I also like to punch scraps to make confetti (as noted on the list above).

Luckily, as a teacher, enough crafty opportunities and holiday projects roll around for me to keep the scrap pile at bay most of the time, but I must admit, I do have to recycle a box here and there.

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Posted: 2/26/2014 2:16:51 AM
I use my scraps a lot on my 8.5x11 pages. I love using strips of paper, especially, and little bits and pieces for layering.

For me, it's about keep my scraps under control. I even keep quite small scraps if it is a paper I really love (on the other hand, I don't keep scraps I don't love). I divide mine into large and small sized scraps. The large scraps are kept by colour. The small scraps are divided by warm, green (my fav colour to scrap with), cool, and neutral.

If I find a particular area of scraps starts getting big I make use of them and minimise the heap. I also have found that the more you use your scraps those more you'll be drawn to use them.

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Posted: 2/26/2014 3:18:46 AM
I keep my scraps divided into colour in some clear document wallets.

I try and use my scraps each layout for layers. It doesn't always happen, but I do get satisfaction from using them on my layout.

When I'm scrapbooking, I will have the wallets close to me so that I will use them. I find it really easy to flick through the wallet to see what paper I have, and I pull them out to try and use them.

I mainly use scraps for layering, sometimes I also use them for punches.

Recently I "purged" a whole heap of scraps into another folder where I plan to use them in my art journaling. These are older scraps that I haven't used in years and don't think they are in my style any more.

- Carlie

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Posted: 2/26/2014 3:37:18 AM
I sort my scraps by color like Carlie.

Scraps plus punches and dies go together for me to make embellishments. I make a point of selecting some coordinating scraps when I get ready to work on a project.

If the scrap is a strip, then a border punch.

I became amazed at what I can do with punched circles.
* Journaling spots for larger circles,
* Tucked behind an element on a layout,
* Nested sizes, using a shadow

Notched banners.

I'm not a good stamper, so I like to stamp on something, then cut out the stamped object (or punch it)and apply it to the project. If my stamped image doesn't turn out, I haven't ruined my project; I just get another scrap to try.

If the paper is suitable (either light enough for a dark pen or dark enough to use a white gel pen on it) scraps make great journaling spots.


Here is a Two Peas Video that really inspired me, since watching it, I try to include scraps when I assemble my supplies for a page to use to make embellishments.


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Posted: 2/26/2014 6:37:33 AM
I use scraps a lot to make a journaling spot and to make my own cards. I also use scraps in the Silhouette. Match up the grid on the mat with the grid on the software to get the placement right. I have used as small as 3x3 squares to cut.

I also use scraps as layers on my pages so I don't cut up full sheets.

I think it helps that I keep my
scraps organized by color in 8.5x11 page protectors so I can quickly find what I need.

Christi in MA
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October 2006
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Posted: 2/26/2014 6:42:12 AM
Keeping the scrap basket handy really works for me. I remember to look in it first when I am putting a layout together after I choose the background paper.

Purging the scraps I wasn't fond of helped as well. There are less of them to look through and if you like them all its so much easier to use them.

Most of my scraps I use for layering on the page.

rlg510 - thanks for mentioning that video! I had forgotten about it and I really wanted to try making the stitched embellishment strips. Love that video!

Also I have a few border punches and I like to use those on the scrap strips and add them to the layers on my pages.

And recently, although I don't do project life pages, I have been making the PL cards to use on my layouts by cutting 3x4 or 4x6, using my corner round on them and sometimes stamping words or images, journaling on them or just leaving it as is to enjoy the pattern.

Check out the current STASHBUSTERS CHALLENGE. She has posted a lot of examples of pages made with strips. I am excited to give that at try.

I love my scraps but I make 8.5 x 11 pages so I am always looking for more ideas of how to use them, especially since I don't make cards.

Hope you find some ways to love your scraps.


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Posted: 2/26/2014 9:23:25 AM
I use scraps for cards, but only when I use punches. I use scraps on layouts when I cut strips. I will also use scraps to emboss the front of a card even if it is strips. It is a nice look to emboss different design grids and use them on a card.

I generally keep anything bigger than 4x4 and store them in mini crates. I store up to 6x6 that way. Anything 8X8 or bigger is still scrapbook paper usable in my opinion and is stored next to my regular scrapbook paper.


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Posted: 2/26/2014 9:47:31 AM
There is such a thing as too many scraps. After saving scraps for the last 17 years (since I got my first craft room), I had too many. Now, I have a designated spot for scraps and once they start bursting out of that space, I purge.

Scraps that I tend to keep =
Scraps that are a full 12 inches long by a couple of inches wide
Scraps that are 3x4 or bigger (a mini project life sized card)
Scraps that are of a paper that I love and is discontinued

Scraps that go away =
Small scraps
Scraps with irregular edges - I'll either trim down my scrap to a rectangle size or throw it out, because curved scraps get caught on each other and add to the mess.
Scraps of paper that I can't envision myself ever using again.

I use scraps for:
Border strips
Journaling blocks
Photo corners
Punches (I don't punch often, but I do punch circles / squares on occasion)


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December 2003
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Posted: 2/26/2014 9:51:30 AM
I only collect solid colored and lined scraps. The lined I use for journaling and the solids I always look at to see if they match the page I am working on. Sometimes it works as a photo mount. I keep the bag small by only saving larger pieces.


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January 2004
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Posted: 2/26/2014 9:53:09 AM
I tend to use them more when they are part of a collection, so I keep them with the original collection until it's mostly used. I like using 3+ pieces of pp in layers on layouts, so scraps fit in well.

The scraps in my scrap basket tend to get used more on cards.

If you like watching process videos on you tube, nicolejones911 does an excellent job of using up her monthly kits down to the tiniest pieces. She totally rocks using scraps.



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February 2013
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Posted: 2/26/2014 10:11:09 AM
Any preschool class in the country would love them!

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Posted: 2/26/2014 11:31:44 AM
I use my scraps for die cuts, for matting photos, for journaling and on cards. I use scraps in my Cricut all the time - I've used pieces as small as 1.5" square for small cuts. I keep my scraps readily available in letter sized Sterilite drawers on my countertop, one drawer for each color. When I need something less than a full sheet of paper, I always go first to my scraps before I grab a full sheet. Even so, I still have tons of scraps!

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Posted: 2/26/2014 12:41:37 PM
I hardly have any scraps since I started using 6x6 paper. I have an Iris box for my scraps and I always look through it right after I choose my background paper. I use the scraps for punches, layering, borders, die cuts, and more.


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Posted: 2/26/2014 5:06:30 PM
I use my scraps all the time. I will even challenge myself to use just scraps and a whole 12x12 background paper. My use if scraps is one of the reasons I have such a big stash of paper. Sometimes I can get 3 different Los using 1 sheet of pp.

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Posted: 2/26/2014 7:22:19 PM
I have mine well organized but I don't use them nearly enough. Eventually I want to start making cards again which I used to do a lot. When my studio is done I'll be able to work on more of my personal scrapping projects more often since there will be less for DD to get into once things are either stored up high on shelves or locked up, LOL. Scraps are great for mini books too, I used a lot of them up on my 8x8 2010 and 2011 December Daily albums.

I have also dropped off huge boxes of scraps to local grade schools over the years and donated a bunch to a cards for vets program when I was at a crop last fall. Groups like that love getting quality paper for their projects.


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Posted: 2/26/2014 7:45:50 PM
I store my scraps in legal sized file case, similar to the photo shown.
At the beginning of each year I go through all of my scraps and make cards or try to use them up.
I like to have hardly any scraps in my files in the new year.

Here are a few card sets I have made with my scraps last year.
Scrap card sets



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May 2002
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Posted: 2/27/2014 5:04:19 PM
Thanks all of you for the new ideas and reminders of old one forgotten. At least now i have some clues on how to use the scraps.

rlg510 thank you for the video that gave me new look on scraps.

loveallcrafts thank you for the neat card ideas. Those are some pretty cards.

I love these ideas keep up the good work ladies. Thank you



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June 2005
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Posted: 2/27/2014 8:15:00 PM
I used strips on an 8 x 8 layout based on having done the same design on a card.

Wedding layout from scaps

I think a wide ribbon tail scrap would make a great mat for a die cut title too.

Garden Girl

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Posted: 2/28/2014 4:07:26 AM
I used scraps for punching and die cutting!

Garden Girl

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Posted: 2/28/2014 4:07:27 AM
I used scraps for punching and die cutting!

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Posted: 2/28/2014 4:42:18 AM
I use them a lot for die cuts and punches. I also will challenge myself to make a layout using them. They are great for cards and smaller projects as well.

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Posted: 2/28/2014 8:35:26 AM
Sometimes for cards, sometimes for paper piecings, sometimes for making my own page embellishments.

But the scraps still multiply like rabbits.

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Posted: 2/28/2014 8:39:45 AM
I use to use my solid scraps for paper piecing with my cricut. I'm sure you could do the same w the silhouette. I've hardly used my silhouette so I'm not exactly sure, but I bet it's the same idea. Group all the same colored items in one area then cut a piece of card stock to fit that area.

My patterned paper scraps I out in a bin for my kids.

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Posted: 2/28/2014 12:46:43 PM


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Posted: 2/28/2014 4:16:19 PM
Almost forgot! Saw this video with a great way to use scraps to make photo mats. If you want to range them on a backing, I've used ugly paper from stacks that I'd never otherwise use.

Scrap Mats


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Posted: 2/28/2014 4:35:44 PM
I am cutting most down to 4x6 or 3x4 for Project Life, I used a ton on this layout with new cards added in! It was so much fun!


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Posted: 2/28/2014 9:53:00 PM
I use my scraps for paper layering, die cuts, punched hearts, stars etc.....

One thing I learned is that if they are out of sight then they are out if mind....
I went through all my scraps awhile ago and just tossed any that I really didn't love anymore. I put the rest in a basket on my scrap table so they are right there in front of me....
I am much more inclined to grab a scrap to punch a little embellishment out of or to make a little tab or something now!


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Posted: 3/1/2014 11:43:42 AM
As others have said, I also use them a lot for Cricut cuts. I also use them for photo mats and often I'll lay the photo over a part that was punched out or die cut.
12 inch strips are great to use with border punches across a page.
I'll also use them for experimenting.
I don't sort them and even though I do make use of them, the collection grows much faster than I use them.

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Posted: 3/1/2014 9:42:48 PM
Whaaat? You mean we are supposed to use scraps??? Just kidding!

I sort mine by color and use them for matting, journal blocks or when I just need a small something. I also use them on ATC's and cards. If they are smaller than 2X2 they are history.


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Posted: 3/7/2014 5:44:22 PM
Thank you Scrapninny for that video it was very interesting.

Thank you to the peas for so many great ideas. I really appreciate them. If there is anymore keep posting them. Thanks


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Posted: 3/7/2014 8:48:22 PM
I make cards as soon as I pretty much useful a kit. And also I scrap my recipes so much if my stuff goes on recipe pages. I scrap them 5.5 x 8.5. For 1/2 pint albums. Works great for me. I have very few scraps.

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Posted: 3/8/2014 1:54:33 PM
I "kit" up my scraps and put them in Zip lock bags. I then work them on layouts as if they were a sub kit.


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Posted: 3/8/2014 3:25:37 PM
I store most scraps in two (P stacking paper trays - solids on top & patterns on the bottom. Over the years, I've gotten in the habit of checking scraps before cutting into new sheets of paper & discovered fresh color & pattern combinations for my layouts.

Small scraps are accumulated in a ceramic dish & punched/diecut into frequently-used images, then placed in an ArtBin Solutions box with adjustable dividers for future use.

Any unused scraps are donated to our church's preschool. Other options are elementary school Kindergarten or Art classrooms, after-school art program, church VBS ministry, children homes, children's hospital, Ronald McDonald House, juvenile center, etc.


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Posted: 3/9/2014 3:31:28 AM
I make a lot of cards and most are cut with dies on my Accucut Grandmark, what I have been doing lately is taking the leftover paper and using my punches to cut out shapes right then and there, such as the scalloped circle, ovals, and the new su punches. I keep them in a box and pitch the tiny pieces left. This is giving me an access of already cut shapes and riding me of a pile of paper cutouts I used to have to deal with. No waste paper this way and a win win for my card making.
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