First time I've missed Archivers

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Posted 3/4/2014 by Loydene in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 3/4/2014 9:54:22 AM
I didn't think I would particularly "miss" Archivers. They irritated me as often as I could find something in the store.

But .. today ... I'm looking for two lines from two different brands -- pretty main stream brands I would think.

Neither line is carried here, nor are both lines carried at another two on-line stores I've looked at.

Both of the brands had been carried at my (former) Archivers store. I could put up with a little irritation to see these collections in person!


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Posted: 3/4/2014 10:09:31 AM
Did you try Archives Online for it? They are still selling online...


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Posted: 3/4/2014 10:51:12 AM
If they're newer lines Archiver's wouldn't have them in their online store. I can't imagine they ordered anything from CHA, knowing that they were closing and would end up having to clearance it out right away.

I've run into this a few times already as well. I miss my A's runs! Was driving the other night and passed by one of their locations and it made me so sad to see it dark and empty. I don't mind online shopping, but there's definitely an advantage to 1)picking up a few little things and not having to pay shipping 2)getting them right away 3)being able to actually SEE the supplies in person and feel them in your hands. Siiigh.

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Posted: 3/4/2014 11:43:33 AM
And FYI, the Archivers online is not the same Archivers. Someone bought the name, and apparently our email addresses because I keep getting the emails.

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Posted: 3/4/2014 11:46:59 AM
I haven't received one email since they have been closed. Got the goodbye one and that is it.


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Posted: 3/4/2014 12:39:59 PM
Does anyone know if Archivers online is only open temporarily until their stock is sold?


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Posted: 3/4/2014 4:31:00 PM
Archivers Annex online IS owned by Archivers. They contract out with another company to run the site for them. I believe the site will continue to run until the end of the month. (I used to work at Archivers, and I MISS IT VERY MUCH)

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Posted: 3/4/2014 5:29:45 PM
I miss Archivers every time we pass by the old store. It is sad to see it empty. There is only one lss left around here and they do not carry some of the things Archivers did.

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